Saturday, September 13, 2008

Terrifying Terrorism!!

Okay terrorism is scary. I know they say that you shouldn't get terrorised in a time of crisis because that's exactly what 'they' want but still it IS so freaky. Imagine sitting in a park, or walking on the road and suddenly you are blown away by a bomb blast. Or even worse, someone you love suffers. Five serial blasts in Delhi today, and three of them in GK. That's so close to my college that i cannot even pretend to not be affected. So many people i know live in GK. And in CP. Its so scary. What do these terrorists get by killing innocent people. If you are not happy with the government, kill the person responsible for your distress. Actually don't kill anyone at all. But i don't understand why they take innocent lives who aren't even at fault. What sought of justice is making those people suffer who are trying to make their lives happy and are not involved in anything to do with dirty politics. Is this the only way of bringing a country to its knees. What these terrorists don't understand is that people who are probably responsible for their sufferings aren't even bothered about all these innocent people who die. Think of the number of families which are ruined because of a mere act of revenge.

Sometimes I think what will happen if I die a sudden death like this. I want to live to see so many things. I want to dance and sing and laugh. I want to know what kind of job I'll do and what kind of salary i will earn. I want to live to see the progress that our city makes, to see the new flyovers and the expressways. I want to see winters again because i haven't seen them enough yet. I want to feel the raindrops on face as i walk on the empty roads of my campus. No i need to live to experience so many things. I want to experience true love. I want to see the beautiful castles in Europe, and the old forts of Rajasthan. I want to swim in the sea once more. No i cannot die so soon. I just want to live at least till the time my body gives up. I don't wish to leave this world with a sense of emptiness in my heart.

And what if someone i love is killed? Will I ever be able to get out of the trauma? No I wont. There will be huge hole in my heart that will never get occupied. Ajeeb insaan asked me the other night what i will do if he dies. Its a thought that i don't even wish to acknowledge. I wont even have the right to lament if something like that ever happens. Technically I am nobody in his life as the society sees it. I won't be even permitted a last glance of his face. And what if one of my parents suffer? Once i dreamt of my father's death and I was depressed for the whole week. Although I didn't see him dying but i saw his last words to me written in his lovely handwriting(that i will always love) on a burning piece of paper. I became so sensitive after this dream that I cried on every small bad news that i heard. I still have that image so fresh in my mind that i get gooseflesh everytime i remember it.
Or what if it is one of my friends? I will be shattered to the limit of madness. I don't even know if i would be able to cry.

Why do people kill like this? Why do they make people like us suffer so badly?
I guess staying positive is THE only way to deal with all this. Violet Flame please protect the ones i love from all these mishaps. In fact just stop these mishaps. But even if they do happen, please protect my loved ones.

Wishing for a peaceful world.....

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