Thursday, August 25, 2011


So so so agitated right now.

Dear God,
This stopped being funny a while ago.
Chuck the practical joke for heaven's sake (no pun intended).
Abhi theek karo sab kuchh and I demand you to do it. Hunh!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little reds and greens...

This place. It has too much history.

Whenever I walk down the tiled pathway, a large bottle brush plant overhead just gives out That smell. That smell which reminds me about the number of times I have walked down this very same path, with houses and gardens surrounding it. This path cemented with tiles, cemented by memories...

This is the path where a young boy noticed a young girl for her beauty and couldn't hide his admiration. It is where he slowly followed her every evening, sometimes with friends but mostly alone.

It paves way for innocent hide-outs where she had someone kiss her for the first time and she didn't understand what it meant. The same hide-outs where she finally understood what it means. This is where she played hop-scotch with her girls in a pretty pleated skirt and he gazed at her from his bedroom window. She knew he was watching and he knew that she knew. The rise in pulse, the chill down her spine every time she caught him watching.

This is where she learnt how to ride a bicycle. This is where he laughed on her when she fell. This is where he picked her and dropped her home when she started crying.

These cemented tiles have seen so much. They have borne the weight of so many. And each tile tells a tale. A Romance. This is where she slipped in the rain as he watched her from his balcony. This is where she walked in the sun while waiting for him to see her. This is where her young little heart learnt it's rhythm.

And today she just walked under the bottle brush again. All over again with the man she loves. Hand in hand. And no memory of the boy who is now lost in the brazen wind, lost to her brazen heart. No heart aches and no pain. Just pure innocence. And she wants to tell him, her beloved, of who she was when she ran along the trees and let her hair free. She wants him to know how she once learned to fall in love on this very path. She wants him to see that young girl blushing.

He might not know that girl, and yet so many times when he takes her in his arms she can smell the bottle brush and feel the rain and hear the wind. And then she sings.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Which Show are you talking about?? The Show?

Slow it Down
Make it STOP...
Or else my heart is going to pop!

Just like the soda pop. Or the candy Pop. And all things that pop in general. Bodies pop and they lock and we dance. Faces pop, in and out and we talk. With or without the fun in life, or adventure, or even crazy behavior, we can learn how to POP! But there is no point of popping without the other three..

The sun is hot
in the sky...
Just like a giant spotlight!

I know That! I am center stage and I need to start the show right now. The pause is becoming more pregnant by the moment. People watching, people waiting for the performance to begin. But it's my stage. I will start when I wish to. I may or I may not. But then they don't think like that. They want to just enjoy the show...
...But that means I will have to start the show. Now That is going to happen at my convenience. Stay and watch or leave and gossip. I couldn't care less.

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle,
Life is a maze and Love is a riddle.
I don't know where to go, can't do it alone, I've tried
And I don't know why...

I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
I'm so scared but I don't show it.
I cant figure it out
Its bringing me down I know
I've got to let it go
And just enjoy the show...

Don' we all?? We definitely need to...
But we never do. We always engage in self pity. Let us at least watch the entire sequence to understand the context. Why jump to conclusions at all? But we never listen. We are all super impatient and super anxious. Let it take shape. Let form. Let it become something. No?

Optimism sure does come to very few of us. We presume and we decide. Too scared to take risks are we?? Too bad!

I want my money back...
I want my money back...

Breaks into a random dance sequence. Dum de dum dudum de dum ... it feels freestyle.
Ironically no style is free! Free enough... :)

PS- Watch this... :) <3 It is extremely cute!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Extremely hilarious video just for you!

THIS is what you must watch if you are depressed.

Trust me... it worked on my best friend, who is absolutely cynical, and short tempered. Lovable but under stress. (If reading, you know you are loved!)

It made laugh till my sides started to hurt.

It is just something two girls went crazy watching in the night on a sleep-less sleepover. And what was even better?? They wanted to replicate it!

Just imagine.

We never quite valued Daler Mehndi's pop sensation days, now did we?

Anyway, Have a laugh.

Love <3

Monday, August 1, 2011

This little beaded bag that I carry...

A big part of having nothing to do, is to catch up on things that you haven't been doing.

Like cleaning your room. Or maybe just arranging the cupboard. Shopping? Lunches? Catching up on Television. Surfing social networking sites.

And then you have this huge bag, full of all the things you gather during this time...

A disappointed day.
A happy reunion.
A sad song.
An overjoyed movie ending.

A long walk down the locality roads and simultaneously down the memory lane.

A sweaty pair of tracks that you have been wearing for 5 days straight.

An extremely tasty salami sandwich that your best friend made for you on a sleepover.

A sibling fight. A bad one at that.

A boyfriend fight. Easily resolved because thank god he understands!

An hour of moping over things that could have been. Days of mulling over things that will be.

Sleepless nights. Equally sleep-full days.

Respect for nature. Respect for natural things. Respect in general.


Overgrown eyebrows...

A glass of an extremely great tasting Margarita. And other cocktails.

A drunken escapade.

A trip to your BFF who you missed like crazy. Pedicures and shopping and dinners and general crazy behavior.

A great pair of chappals that were a steal.

Endless number of mall trips and window shopping sprees.

Cribbing over lack of finances.

Guilt over spending money.

Momos. And cupcakes.

Lap of the most wonderful person to cry in. The most amazing advise given by her.


Movies. Good and bad. Once and Twice.

End of an era. Start of a new one.

Salads. And Pastas!

A new Kohl pencil.



And all that Jazz...