Thursday, June 25, 2009



So Bad!

And little kids are not always as cute as their parents assume them to be. They can be pretty irritating at times.

New resolution in life: Patience. Less anger. Major attempt to avoid getting irritated.

I miss the bling in life. But I think I am getting too much of glamour. Way too much. Totally over the top.

I know i love Delhi and everything but last night i was thinking that Bangalore wouldn't be that bad to live in either.

Like that matters.

"Arey oh jumma
meri jaaneman
bahar nikal
aaj jumma hai
aaj ka waada hai
dekh main aa gaya
tu bhi jaldi aa
mujhe mat aur tadpa...."

Sudden realisation. I miss Delhi University dance competitions. And all the crazy bollywood songs (like the one above). And the crowd which sang along.

I think i will watch a masala movie now.
Or balika vadhu??? (NOT)

Masala i come!


Thursday, June 18, 2009


I know i just hit 'sign in' after ages but well i didn't have much to write. Okay fine I did but I was too lazy to do it. I think I was just collecting a lot of things to write about. Fine that's also an excuse. I was being lazy...plain and simple.

Why should this blog be about my life at all??

Not that Things are changing or anything but still I was just wondering.

I miss Best Fraand like crazy and I cant do much about it. Well two of my most favourite people are not around. But the other two of my most favourite are so that should compensate for it but it just doesn't. My sister drives me mad each day and boredom is KILLING me.

The things i look forward to these days?? Dance classes. Belly Dance is Fantastic. And lyrical Jazz always was.
The occasional meeting with friends. Occasional because I am grounded. Not really but I am trying to make up for the long phone bill (which was long majorly because of my sis) and staying home pleases my parents.

okay so that's about it. There are other big things in life that i can write about but what the hell, I just don't want to!