Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My driving force!

I love it when things start taking shape and hard work starts showing. Today was the first fruitful full day practice. I am so tired but so content. Although we only did the first song but it was totally worth it. God i cant believe i love dancing so much.And more than dance its compiling a whole dance piece with formations, choreography, stunts, lifts....Its just AMAZING! And these DU dance competitions are worth all the hard work we put in. There is so much to look forward to. Each Dance Team has their own style and each choreographer has a distinct taste. Ours being the only team which is choreographed by students (ahem ahem, thank you), the pressure is so high. I have to depend on my own perception of what will work and what wont.One cant really say what this stupid DU crowd will like and what they wont understand.

UFF i cant wait to go to Pilani and start performing again. Its my last year and i want to make the most of it. I will give it all i have. God knows when i will be able to Dance like THIS again!!! I know i wont ever stop dancing but handling a team, looking at people dancing to what you have taught them, the high of being on stage and competing, team spirit, anxiety, results...GOD i am gonna really miss all this.

But I guess I will have to move on. And move on to better things. and learn so much more. And do so much more. But one thing is for sure that i will miss Enigma like crazy. Its like my baby and I will have to leave it in other people's hands and go. I generally don't think of all this but today after seeing our growth from my first year, I don't want to leave it ever. But that cant really happen.....

hmmmm..... I love my dance team!

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