Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When I thought that I will be sitting in a comfortable lounge chair with a floor to roof glass window overlooking the city, I always imagined it to be a Holiday to a far away city, an amazing new place that I have never seen before.
I imagined it to be a time of luxury when I would be sipping a Mojito, waiting for my spa appointment and then a dinner date with the one I love.

Never did I imagine that it would be a Hospital Lounge and I would be waiting for the morning to see the One that I love and to hear about his improving health.
I owe my being to him. He forms the strong roots to one of the most magnificent tree I have ever known. He is the power behind all our pursuits, the guiding light of all our hearts.

Every second of the past three days has been nothing short of an adventure beyond explanation. Highs and Lows have flooded us with their mightiest blows.The emotional roller coaster was a relief to get off from.

The best part is that the ride ended with a high that I am grateful for.

For those who do not believe in God, or a superior power, I know it is futile to even make you understand the importance of blessings, the power of gratitude. But that will not stop me from telling the world about the power of this Universe. I have felt it more and more every second of my realization and even more in the past three days.

My gratitude is infinite.

'Thank You Thank You Thank You
 for the perfect resolution'

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Delayed... Not!

Another night like the last few.
Another day that has already on its way.

Procrastination shall be dealt with and shall be done away with. Soon.
Ha ha.... I contradict my own self and how!

It is very easy to say and imagine and even more easy to day dream. The tougher part is making it happen.

And I am sort of not willing to right now. You know, just don't want to get out of my comfort blanket and get on with it.Keep being lazy for a few more days.
And I firmly believe that maybe a long holiday calls out to me.

What surprises me is that It has just begun. How can I possibly be bored already? And yet here I am, procrastinating away...

Okay so now I begin. Right now.
And to start, I am not going to delay sleep, and then delay waking up, and be late throughout the day,

Here is an affirmation: Tomorrow will be brilliant. Even if it is Monday.

Friday, September 21, 2012

'Magnificent' is a word of many shades

It really is quite simple!

Just close your eyes. Make a wish. And it will come true.

Every particle on this earth is a miracle. The more we realize it, the more wonderful it will be. We refuse to cherish what we have. We close our minds and take things for granted. Why is that so easy??

After all, we too are a creation of this most magnificent universe.

Then why do we stop believing that? Why do we while away our time trying to please people when all we need to do is be pleased ourselves.
Why do we whine over silly matters when we just need to blink our eyes and absorb a whole new light that awaits us.

It is really that simple.
Give it a try once.

I have been doing it. Being grateful is all that it takes.

How can you forget that your mother kept you in her belly for 9 months, underwent severe pain and discomfort to give you life? How can you ever be mean and horrible to her. Even if she does not understand you, did you ever look into your own heart and wonder if it is really you who needed to open your eyes?

How can you not love your father for every spec of comfort that he has given you in your life. Made you who you are today. If it wasn't for him, you would be absolutely incomplete.

How can you not be absolutely amazed by the beauties of nature, the wind, water, trees, sunshine? How?

It is so wonderful that I cannot put it in words for you.
Just stop being such a dramatic fool and stop making a fuss out of every little problem. Because beyond that problem is a world waiting to be explored.

Just make these trivial issues go away...


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shaadi Time Shaadi Time!!*

Pretty Kurtas are pretty again.
I am assuming that there is a weight loss that needs to be accounted for. But I am not thinking too much about it lest I get lazy.

So two big brothers are about to get married. This year. 

That is great except that it leaves the firing guns pointing at me. I hate hate and I mean HATE my relatives when they conveniently assume that I will get married for their amusement. Hello? Give me a break maybe?

But But But...
The fun part is that my house is THE SHADI HOUSE** and that makes it bubbling with activity everyday. Cards and more cards. Gift wrapping. Sangeet preps. Clothes that my aunt buys every week. So maaaany colours! Simply wow wow wow!

Mom is out of town and when she comes back it will be a total blast. My mum actually writes all the Folk songs that are sung in a typical Bundelkhandi wedding (We are from Bundelkhand and google it if you don't know what that means!!) and she totally rocks at it. I love them. Love Love Love creating them with her, love singing them with her, love dancing to them.
Oh such awesomeness!

So basically now we need amazing clothes for the weddings (one in October and the other in December). I am pretty much clueless when it comes down to what I should wear. I know Sari is my last resort but I want to do something different this time.
And matching Earrings....

And heels!

I shall buy new heels.

They will be Gold in all probability.

Maybe that will help me get rid of my annoying triple word syndrome!
Maybe Maybe Maybe!

*The title is inspired by a dialogue from the movie 'Aisha'.
** The official house from where the wedding preparations will be carried out. The actual wedding is in Jaipur. Sigh.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Casting a spell...

The magic works!
It always has but what is different now is that I am aware of it.

So here we go. Being wishful and asking for the things we love.

In my Dream Diary (Unexpected alliteration), I am just asking and asking and asking for more. And you know what the best part is. It is all going to come true.

So hold your breath Best Fraand because we are going to get that amazing performing arts studio.
Superwoman, the deal about 2015 is sooooo happening and nothing can stop us.

And all the amazing fresh scents of everything around is slowly coming alive.

Like Soul Sis very aptly says, "Not immediately, but most definitely"

And really.
With all my heart and soul.

The Magic words. My Magic spell.

Thank You.
Thank You.
Thank You.