Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Women Only

My Ladies compartment is just the best.
For starters, it is much emptier than the other compartments. 

It has gorgeous women from all walks of life, some with stern chins and some with dreamy looks. It has energetic bubbly girls chattering away with friends and it also has soft whispers of those on the phone with their boys.
Sometimes they forget their volume and you hear a whiff of, "Oh my God you should have seen what she wore!" and also a naughty "pehle aap phone rakho" (read: you disconnect the call first). A professional conversation of "Yes sir, the presentation is ready" or a business talk of "Apne vendor ko phone kar na yaar" (read: call up your vendor) are other common tones that one can hear. One of my favorites however, is Punjabi Aunties discussing the latest Saas Bahu gossip.

I never fail to notice the eyes with well defined kohl, engrossed in reading books, and eyes with square frame glasses going through study notes. And then there are those eyes which are glued to the phones and the messages within, smiling with anticipation. Also the eyes that are shut, catching up with some sleep. 

There is always that girl with a chooda (red bangles worn by newly wed women) and the one with a hint of vermilion on her forehead despite her pant suit and laptop bag. 

The plethora of colours in this compartment makes it my daily dose of rainbow seeking. I also get a glimpse of latest trends and fashions of the city each time I step in.

My Ladies compartment, always has space to sit for old or pregnant women. Even for women with young children or with too much stuff to carry. I was once given a seat because I had red eyes and I looked ill. 

From Jootis to High Heels, from Sneakers to Ballerinas.

Somewhere just like life, women get on and get off at their pre-determined stops. While they may or may not alter my journey, but I know that here I will never feel out of place. It is my safe haven, my resort to imagination. It is where I let my mind take it's flight as I wordlessly listen to the all healing breath of my sisters.

And off course, it smells so goddamn nice!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The amount of people getting married is just annoyingly Crazy!
It feels like everyone out there wants to just settle down. Ugh!

Thank God I ain't one of them.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

For a Second. Or maybe Two...

He stood there at the station, holding a bunch of lilies for God knows who, with anticipation in his eyes and a nervous smile on his face. Probably a schoolboy, that is what his looks conveyed. I never knew a schoolboy who bought lilies for a date. Or even for a girlfriend. But this one did. There was a ruffled restlessness about him and I couldn't help but notice his haywire hair. Absolutely clueless and yet so adorable in his own innocence.

Lilies always remind me of my boss. He scolded his wife a little for something very silly on the phone one day when we drove back from a meeting. The minute his call ended he called the flower seller near her office and asked him to deliver a bunch of beautiful white lilies to her. Just because he wanted to better her mood. He is a gem of a person. A stubborn boss and quite unreasonable at times but a brilliant human being.

She had a bad day at work today. I waited for about an hour reading my very gripping detective novel before she came. She arrived, dressed in her 'eccentric' style, kept her bag on the chair, rid herself of the jacket and took the seat in front of me. The world then became suddenly bright.  For the both of us.

I was lying in the basement room with the smell of incense that just made sense. Hypnotised and liberated I just heard a voice and some laughter and also felt a little something brush against my back. I knew in my subconscious mind also that I will always be grateful to her for giving me my safe haven. She brought me back into the room and switched on the lights. She said that my phone had been buzzing for a while. I checked. It was You. Waiting outside. I ran bare feet and found You right there. I hugged You and You held me close like I had never left your arms. As always I saw the magical twinkle in your eye.

That song just does not leave my mind. I keep humming it even when I am not. I keep feeling it even when I don't.

Why would she say things about me and my loved ones? I have no clue. I don't even care too much about it. I am weird in my pretty way and so it my life and I love it because it is so.

A lot of hilly terrain acoustics cause the sounds of nearby farmhouse parties to travel all the way to my room. I remember that they used to be an entertainment for me and my silence on the terrace of my old house. So many memories of the quiet times that I hold so close to my heart are brought alive by these drifting DJ tunes.

He was drunk and it was the middle of the path. He took my hand and forced me to shake a leg with him. I was a little tipsy myself so I humoured his offer and danced. Little did I know that dancing on the road is infectious. We ended up grooving to the loud music for a long long time. He waited at my window for an hour after I had slept. He never said he did.

You make Delhi winters just the best season of all times. In fact You make all the seasons more beautiful than they ever were. Your touch sill tingles and sends a warmth running across my entire body.

"Just come home. I will take you out for lunch. I can come and pick you up if you want."

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brews of this Season

"Ma, when I saw the pictures, I just could't help feeling that you looked the best. Better than me. Better than everyone. Ma, even if I am half as beautiful as you are when I grow up..."

She stopped the car next to the metro station. Signalling me to get off at my destination, she smiled and said,

"That's because I always stay happy"


Big Room and small mirror. What to do? Not enough walls it seems. Too much that needs to go up on them. And my awesome big bookshelf. I love the speed with which it is filling. Approaching joy of starting something new. Excitement attracts Excitement, and I work by that principle alone. 

I got So annoyed for exactly five minutes that I wanted to just sit and cry or scream at someone. And then I just changed my frequency because I know it is not worth it.


And his sister made them play so many games, of post wedding fame. He sounded so happy and content in the narration to me. That is definitely an accomplishment for someone of his nature and loneliness. It is probably just my assumption that he was lonely.
But he shouldn't have said what he did. It left a thread burnt somewhere. For closure sake I shall go and be a part of the merriment. It was inevitable I guess.

Tring Tring
"Hey Baby, what a Lucky Day"

I love more than life itself.
I love you more than that.


I stepped out of the car and smiled at her. 
"And so do I Ma. Always extremely happy. I love you"   

And simply with that, a fresh, new part of me came alive.

Not just one thing :)

Well so what do we have here.

Another long Gap is it?

Gaps are meant to be. In fact gaps are good. It is good we give each other space Blogging world. It is very good indeed.

So since it has been a while, I shall Slur!
And not just any Slur, I shall slur left, right and well just about that much.

It is beyond my comprehension at times how this excitement just ceases to end. And then every new day is more and more about new things. It is like the world is Opening up to me, minute by minute. Some days are bright sunshine with light in my eyes. Others are foggy evenings with fragrant fetishes. And many many more are rainy afternoons, with brightly shining moons.

I realise now that it hasn't been in my aptitude to be low, not in my consciousness to be slow. I might move around with ease and not clean my room ever. But what I can do is just move the hearts and souls of a million energies that form my being.

And also,

The colour Red just makes me so immensely happy. And Orange and Purple and Blue.

You know how we say that we disagree. Well I do too. With you almost every second. You are good you know and there is no need for you to be constantly binding yourself around people who are better defined by unsaid names.

The best part about this is, that it isn't.

So many stirring conversations and so many tingling encounters and yet You make me the happiest and the most grateful person on earth.

Like i said, it is a Slur people!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When I thought that I will be sitting in a comfortable lounge chair with a floor to roof glass window overlooking the city, I always imagined it to be a Holiday to a far away city, an amazing new place that I have never seen before.
I imagined it to be a time of luxury when I would be sipping a Mojito, waiting for my spa appointment and then a dinner date with the one I love.

Never did I imagine that it would be a Hospital Lounge and I would be waiting for the morning to see the One that I love and to hear about his improving health.
I owe my being to him. He forms the strong roots to one of the most magnificent tree I have ever known. He is the power behind all our pursuits, the guiding light of all our hearts.

Every second of the past three days has been nothing short of an adventure beyond explanation. Highs and Lows have flooded us with their mightiest blows.The emotional roller coaster was a relief to get off from.

The best part is that the ride ended with a high that I am grateful for.

For those who do not believe in God, or a superior power, I know it is futile to even make you understand the importance of blessings, the power of gratitude. But that will not stop me from telling the world about the power of this Universe. I have felt it more and more every second of my realization and even more in the past three days.

My gratitude is infinite.

'Thank You Thank You Thank You
 for the perfect resolution'

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Delayed... Not!

Another night like the last few.
Another day that has already on its way.

Procrastination shall be dealt with and shall be done away with. Soon.
Ha ha.... I contradict my own self and how!

It is very easy to say and imagine and even more easy to day dream. The tougher part is making it happen.

And I am sort of not willing to right now. You know, just don't want to get out of my comfort blanket and get on with it.Keep being lazy for a few more days.
And I firmly believe that maybe a long holiday calls out to me.

What surprises me is that It has just begun. How can I possibly be bored already? And yet here I am, procrastinating away...

Okay so now I begin. Right now.
And to start, I am not going to delay sleep, and then delay waking up, and be late throughout the day,

Here is an affirmation: Tomorrow will be brilliant. Even if it is Monday.

Friday, September 21, 2012

'Magnificent' is a word of many shades

It really is quite simple!

Just close your eyes. Make a wish. And it will come true.

Every particle on this earth is a miracle. The more we realize it, the more wonderful it will be. We refuse to cherish what we have. We close our minds and take things for granted. Why is that so easy??

After all, we too are a creation of this most magnificent universe.

Then why do we stop believing that? Why do we while away our time trying to please people when all we need to do is be pleased ourselves.
Why do we whine over silly matters when we just need to blink our eyes and absorb a whole new light that awaits us.

It is really that simple.
Give it a try once.

I have been doing it. Being grateful is all that it takes.

How can you forget that your mother kept you in her belly for 9 months, underwent severe pain and discomfort to give you life? How can you ever be mean and horrible to her. Even if she does not understand you, did you ever look into your own heart and wonder if it is really you who needed to open your eyes?

How can you not love your father for every spec of comfort that he has given you in your life. Made you who you are today. If it wasn't for him, you would be absolutely incomplete.

How can you not be absolutely amazed by the beauties of nature, the wind, water, trees, sunshine? How?

It is so wonderful that I cannot put it in words for you.
Just stop being such a dramatic fool and stop making a fuss out of every little problem. Because beyond that problem is a world waiting to be explored.

Just make these trivial issues go away...


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shaadi Time Shaadi Time!!*

Pretty Kurtas are pretty again.
I am assuming that there is a weight loss that needs to be accounted for. But I am not thinking too much about it lest I get lazy.

So two big brothers are about to get married. This year. 

That is great except that it leaves the firing guns pointing at me. I hate hate and I mean HATE my relatives when they conveniently assume that I will get married for their amusement. Hello? Give me a break maybe?

But But But...
The fun part is that my house is THE SHADI HOUSE** and that makes it bubbling with activity everyday. Cards and more cards. Gift wrapping. Sangeet preps. Clothes that my aunt buys every week. So maaaany colours! Simply wow wow wow!

Mom is out of town and when she comes back it will be a total blast. My mum actually writes all the Folk songs that are sung in a typical Bundelkhandi wedding (We are from Bundelkhand and google it if you don't know what that means!!) and she totally rocks at it. I love them. Love Love Love creating them with her, love singing them with her, love dancing to them.
Oh such awesomeness!

So basically now we need amazing clothes for the weddings (one in October and the other in December). I am pretty much clueless when it comes down to what I should wear. I know Sari is my last resort but I want to do something different this time.
And matching Earrings....

And heels!

I shall buy new heels.

They will be Gold in all probability.

Maybe that will help me get rid of my annoying triple word syndrome!
Maybe Maybe Maybe!

*The title is inspired by a dialogue from the movie 'Aisha'.
** The official house from where the wedding preparations will be carried out. The actual wedding is in Jaipur. Sigh.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Casting a spell...

The magic works!
It always has but what is different now is that I am aware of it.

So here we go. Being wishful and asking for the things we love.

In my Dream Diary (Unexpected alliteration), I am just asking and asking and asking for more. And you know what the best part is. It is all going to come true.

So hold your breath Best Fraand because we are going to get that amazing performing arts studio.
Superwoman, the deal about 2015 is sooooo happening and nothing can stop us.

And all the amazing fresh scents of everything around is slowly coming alive.

Like Soul Sis very aptly says, "Not immediately, but most definitely"

And really.
With all my heart and soul.

The Magic words. My Magic spell.

Thank You.
Thank You.
Thank You.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fading Winter

With a tinge of nervousness I walked down the hallway. Wooden floors reciprocated to the sound of my heels and the thump of my heart. Golden sunlight lit the gallery with shadows of the greens that gave it a cool and a misty feel.
I kept walking without looking back.

I felt a numb nothing seeping through my eyes as I moved towards the end of the hallway into the garden.
I knew I was moving towards the open. Towards a world that was mine to keep.

It struck me at the end of the hallway. What would my life be otherwise? Who would I be if I was not this? I heard a child's cackle in the distance. Some soft breathing was what I imagined. It was what I craved for.

Soft sunlight smells nice.
It always has.

Yes it was February.
The perfect weather February.

'So you did well?'
'I did okay'
'What is okay?'
'Whatever you want it to be'

I just put my head in his lap then and gazed into the sky.
I just watched the clouds passing us by...

For you.
You know who you are.

Friday, July 6, 2012

So amazing how this world was made
I wonder if God is a woman
The gift of life astounds me till this day
I give it up for the woman
She's the constant wind that fills my sail
Oh that woman

With her smile and her style
She'll protect you like a child
That's a woman

She'll put a smile upon your face
And take you to that higher place
So don't you underestimate

The strength of a woman
The strength of a woman


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Always a Contradiction

Why do we always feel drawn to things we cannot have?
What is this innate human tendency to crave for the forbidden, to find it irresistible. When you tell a child that ice cream is off limits, ice cream is all that the child wants. Why are we such rebels by nature?
Moreover who decides what is to be had and what is not to be had? The moral code of conduct has been fed into our brains from our birth and we just have to abide. Because arguably it is 'the right thing to do'.

Cravings like these are all around us. Multiple examples in our faces all the time. The concept of Reverse Psychology has born out of this human tragic flaw. You see it in children, adolescents, teenagers, youth, the middle age, older generation. It does not spare anyone! This is one of those continuities, that collectively groups us as a race.

What is most surprising is how we get so easily lured by that which is prohibited. Is it a sense of achievement that tags us as a true resister of the societal norms? Or is it just a curiousness to find out the consequences?
What is it?

Random thoughts always have some base, some connection to an existing phenomenon. I am sure of that.

Moving on.

I just felt something.
Every time you look at me, I get jitters. Still.
Is that normal behavior? Or is it my Romance vicariously living through my hormones?

It could just be me.


Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have finally understood what caused my Writer's Block.
It is the lack of inspiration that causes mind blocks like these.
Come on! How is one supposed to get inspired by geometrical shapes and fixated minds? That is what I see all day long in my office.

I need some sort of an emotional drive for me to be able to write. It could be the wind messing my hair and throwing dirt all over my face. It could be the rain pattering on the roof, and chilling my spine. It could be the sun shine warming my body against a cool breeze. It could be a child laughing. It could be my grandfather's palm with the lines that talk about the work of his years. Or my grandmother's forehead with the wisdom she has earned.

Wow I just realised that I have the commonest, most cliched writer's dilemma. the dilemma of finding an Inspiration. Emotions usually drive me. Well, mostly.

But with this white noise buzzing in my ears and blank space staring back at my eyes?...

I am not sad. No that is not what I feel. That would mean some form of emotion. This is just a blank blank space where words are hard to form and thoughts refuse to take birth!

And surprisingly, I smile.

True to my belief, human mind is weird. And so are human sensibilities.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mundane issues...

Another Day. Another list. 
It is just annoying to know that the most easy and simple things in life can become so huge and cause so much unnecessary anger...

But well it is better to make lists and vent this anger rather than screaming your guts out at people (an act that some of them very much deserve).

So here is what causes *ahem* 'corporate slaving'. I base these points completely on the little and  meager (and therefore probably inadequate) experience.
So here goes...

1. People blowing their own trumpets. Left Right & Center. Self praise is like a favourite hobby of almost everyone. I am This... I am That...blah blah blah....
Honestly, all that noise is too much pollution.

2. People know less. And do not want to learn more. Not kidding!
I said 'Avant-Garde' and I got eyes. Blank stares. People did not KNOW what it meant!
Worst? People who do know (like me) are outsiders to their irritating and stupid jokes. I thank god in a way but I hate group-ism. Always have.

3. Lies. Too many of them. Practiced very religiously by everyone around.

4. Crazy amount of facade surrounding all aspects of the working of every individual. And I mean each and every individual. It is contagious. I found myself creating one too and immediately receded. And now my sole aim in life is to make sure I never become similar.

5. Did I mention stepping on others?? Well that also is 'healthy' competition. Oh such bliss!

6. Smart people have just given up or given in to the brash-ness. These people are those who are in fact not slaves. God bless them. I just wish they hadn't given up...

7. Easy jobs are made super tough so that all the above can be carried out....
It is actually quite hilarious to witness this preposterous procrastination.

8. It may be teaching you a lot but it also sucks out a lot. Like your time with your best friends. Like dinner with your parents. Like simple outings with your boyfriend.

9. The whole 'hard work' 'work late' 'killing pressures' is just nonsense created because of the lack of communication.

10. Oh! And the lack of communication. In order to steal credits and blame others that is an extremely powerful tool.

Sounds fun no?
I hear laughter ringing in my ears each time I try to listen. My own probably. Maybe I am laughing because these stupid issues bother me. When actually they are quite mundane.


Monday, June 18, 2012

TEN things I'd rather be doing right now...

In NO order of preference. I want all of the below with equal intensity...
I would rather be doing any of these (in fact all of these, one after the other) over what I am doing right now!

1. Sleeping:
Oh God bless that amazing Bed in front of that flat screen Television with that Air-conditioner. I would love to drop this all and just go and sleep. And watch TV. And sleep while watching TV. And watch TV while I sleep. I am sure you get the idea.

2. Coffee with Superwoman:
Would just love to make her bunk her office and sit in Def Col Barista or Saket CCD or City Walk Costa, or GK Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. And then we shall dissect and defame all the Panju's her mom has found for her and a bigger Panju who just refuses to budge!

3.  Shopping with Sister:
Oh I cannot remember the number of days we have been trying to buy that one piece of super important item that can only be bought together. I don't even mind her constant bickering if we could just go to the mall and shop. Maybe buy a book or two afterwards for her. :)

4. Spa with Froggy:
Oh that amazing free coupon that we have for Body Polishing that is just waiting for us to use it and pamper ourselves. After that we can go back to her place, have a photo session and we are sorted! Also check out all those awesome clothes that she has bought. *hug*

5. Big Chill with Pugsie:
Catch up on OH SO MUCH with my awesome adorable and now crazy for Pilates friend. You know! Be a little us and be super talkative, detailing every trivial happening of our lives just because we want to!

6. Being with Best Fraand:
Be with her and simply go with the flow. Never planning and always having an awesome time. We could go to the gym together and maybe cook something healthy. Or we could go out and blow all our money on absolutely fattening stuff that we can justify with ease. Talk about the multiple things we need to be writing about and then finally even writing them down.

7. Gossip with Ma:
Just random things that need to be talked about. Making songs for the upcoming weddings. Story-telling and gossips. And all that while I do some random chore she wants me to do. I love my Mom. She is the best.

8. Getting a Pedicure:
Just relax and sleep in that comfortable chair while my feet are pampered and beautified.

9: Reading a Book:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. In my bed. With some diet chips and Nimbu Paani!

10. Movie with Capricorn Boy <3 :
Our new found obsession is movies. We want to watch them all! Some popcorn. Some Nachos. Holding hands. And discussing them in super great detail afterwards. Just Perfect.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Post: Wands means Yes....

Super Girl is Super!
And here is her guest post....

I love you and I am sure you know that well!!

Here is to our Imperfect Perfections!
Much Love.

And It is Thursday again. Most of us are sitting at our desks, trying to wind up work faster in the hope of enjoying the weekend. Can you see the weekend yet? can u?? caaan uu?? maybe not. It has been so long that we've been at this desk. Doesnt the bum hurt? I guess we've been too busy to pay attention to poor butt.

Life is so goddamn fast now. It is not nice. The busiest time in school used to be Rupak Time, or the annual day. Thats the busiest it got. And it was happy busy. This? is oh my god let me out wala busy. Not a very great feeling. Either it's the office, or it’s the road. Home is like a paying guest accommodation.

I really hope and pray for all the sanity that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Else. ! About the other things in life, our Countdown is about to finish. Pretty fast it went ! It was only 30 some days ago, and now suddenly its 9. To tell you the truth, now that the date of making my decisions is coming closer, DANCER!! I AM PETRIFIED!! I can't believe the rose tinted dream is ending now, and I will have to finally go through the ordeal of sitting and taking stock of things.

Dancer, let's go shopping some day. I miss our trips to Citywalk, and the Kathi rolls. I really do miss the adrak wali chai. And though I apparently stay at your place twice a week, i stil havnt had the chance to sit and chill in your garden. These things matter to me. Your house, well of course it is A JUNGLE, but its more of an exotic retreat. Away from the Chandra Khandan ka kahar, away from the loud television and che che all the time. Peace is what I find at your place. And of course it has been so so freaking long that we played wands and swords!! Last time, your sister was so not in the mood for it and hence had ended up buying furniture.

Sigh. At a lot of things in life.

Are dancer, tum shaadi kar lo! honestly.. accha idea nahi hai?

PS: You are crazy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guest Post: Dance. A Perspective

I admire people who are prompt and precise.
And people who fulfill their promises are just the Best!
Cute emails?? Cherry on the top!!

Thank You HADEZ for this super amazing guest post.

I love the fact that it is about that one thing that I LOVE the most...

Extremely informative and very well written...

Last month, I got fortunate enough to attend a wedding in Garhwal reigon's Burfal community. It has always been great to know how varied the cultural landscape of this country is. In this particular case, it was the dance of the community that mesmerized me. It wasn't the kind one would usually imagine. It had very simple steps, making hand gestures while moving in a circle in a group. It was amply clear why it was too simple - so that people of all ages could enjoy it. Nevertheless, it qualified well for the definition of dance.

Dance is a type of art that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, performed in many different cultures and used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting.
- wikipedia

But there a big problem with Indian dances- specially the folk dances. They are dying. Of the total 43 dance forms from all the seven cultural zones of the country, the nearly-extinct folk dances make up for nearly one-fourth. There are goods reason to believe that many of the dance forms described in Natyashastra, the ancient Indian treatise on the performing arts, encompassing theatre, dance and music, written about 2000 years ago, are now non-existent. A greater problem is that while tigers can be saved by in-situ and ex-situ interventions, saving dances or cultural elements is not that easy. People are excited about the charismatic animal but not about their own culture and history ! A wrong notion carried by many in India is that only tribals used to dance, as if the rest of them descended directly from Sun and Moon, all too much civilized to have had a folk dance culture.

Last year while attending a Maratha wedding, I was expecting to be served marathi authentic food. (Getting to know the native culture has always been my real secret agenda for attending weddings.) But I was served the same dishes that I get in Delhi - shahi paneer, dal makhani et al from the usual north Indian menu. This kind of shift from authentic maratha food (which used to be served just a decade back) to commercial north Indian is the same thing thats happening to dance forms.

Culture is a dynamic part of human civilization. It will be foolish to imagine that it will stay static or continue to live forever. It evolves continuously and old dance forms give way to new ones. This more or less fits well with Darwin's survival of the fittest theory. So, if today people stop loving Bhangra of Punjab, its followers will slowly drift away for a better form. It may also happen that if somebody is not happy with a few moves, then better ones will be developed as replacement. And as the new forms gain popularity, it will slowly eclipse the original moves. This is one reason why many of the forms described in Natyashastra vanished. Actually, they evolved to form today's classical dance forms !

But this general order of demand and supply is not the only reason. India is urbanizing at a 'fast pace'. In the next 40 years, India will be the greatest contributor to urbanization of the world. 431 million people will shift to urbanscape. Growth at 'fast pace' implies that the gap between the starting salary of your grandfather and your father is and will be much less than the gap between your's and your father's, in general. When income rises rapidly in just one generation, many things do not get transferred to the next generation. The greatest sufferer are the moral and cultural elements which are considered obsolete.

At such a stage the rat race of society become more prominent. Competition rises as access to higher education becomes easier (in urban areas). As it reaches 'the cut-throat level' it becomes imperative for the youngsters to shed the excess baggage - first of all in most cases are the activities one is deeply interested in. In order to pursue what the society deems perfect, cultural elements like dance gets sacrificed. This is not intricately related to preservation of ancient heritage but this certainly impedes the process of evolution of dance forms. People living a thousand years back were also busy and they too did not dance all the time. But they had their own festivals(like harvesting) when they used to enjoy their lives, giving in to the social expression called dance. That certainly seems absent in today's rat race. The celebration of dance has been replaced by 'eating out', thanks to the consumerist culture.

But India is a land full of hopes. The dying dance forms of the country were brought to the centrestage in 2005. Folk dances like Tipri from Punjab, Goff from Goa, Dhafmuttu from Kerala, Ummattata from Karnataka, Chirutala Ramayanam from Andhra Pradesh and Periamelam from Tamil Nadu made their debut at the Republic Day National Folk Dance Festival. Uday Shanker has started modern Indian ballet. There are other well known proponents of modern dance in India also - Ram Gopal, Mrinalini Sarabhai and Chandralekha. There are many who broke out of the rat race and did something that they were interested in.

Even the consumerists remember the importance of the best exercise that there can be and are evolving new forms even if it comes without any grand names or large audience. Because anyway, "great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion." India it seems should never stop hoping positively for its cultural heritage. India it seems will never stop dancing !

:) :)

You made my day...


This writer's block is not funny.
So many things I feel and I want to write about. There are too many unfinished posts waiting in the drafts and I am not being able to finish even one. Some thing or the other is always missing. Like right now.... I am not able to explain what is missing.

In Fact, an entire new blog is in the middle of it's creation and Bam! Writer's Block.

I mean there has to be some sort of logic to this entire nonsense.
My favourite metaphors are also not helping. At all.

I wonder what is causing this...

It feels like lack of inspiration. And enthusiasm too.

Not cool! :(

Since I can't write, everyone reading this is most welcome to write guest entries for my blog. Don't make me beg you and volunteer on your own please.

Send them to

Pretty Please...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dil Chahta Hai.

I want to run away...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where is my Ever After??

I know I am in this only because I am useful.
And nothing else.

I have to run away and need to make that effort for good...

September you will be my favourite month after that!
And then there will be my Ever After.

Because right now, is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
And these people are NOT CRAZY ENOUGH.

I need that spark back. I need that fun back. That will to go ahead and do what I want to...

Passion should never be lost.

So why THIS???

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This and That.

You know it is so easy to judge. Why do we live by these mental facades is beyond me. I frown upon it and yet I practice it with all my might.

Delhi is such an example of this.

In our heads we divide the city into zones and the kind of people that come from these zones are a certain type. I am sure those of us who stay in Delhi will agree with me, and so I shall not pin point these stereotypes that exist around us. In fact I have no right to pin point anyone with my South Delhi arrogance tailing my thoughts.

Facts prove us wrong day in and day out and yet we continue to believe the presumptions that were created by none other than ourselves in the first place. You remember that very awesome super famous movie? Yes this particular dialogue was Super funny, but in reality all Janakpuri girls are not Behenji and it is NOT okay to generalise. And that too on a medium for the masses? Not cool.

And yet I do it myself. Even if it is just sub-conscious, it is there.

But at the same time I also believe that it is impossible to escape. It is just something that we got to live with. All we can try is to not judge people on basic Demographics.


To conveniently digress, it is the Burden of my days that is draining my nights.
Laughing about old times is THE fun element and keeps me sane. Super Woman very nicely points it out again and again and we just continue to laugh at the world. We always will.

Rest of it is fun!

PS: You! Yes I am talking to you pretty girl. Since you are trying to a Fly to a Better World, you are now Super Woman on my blog. :) :) :)

My Precious!!

Far Far away in a land so fine.
I strive to make these memories mine.
It is a hard earned story of a damsel in distress.
It is far far away where thoughts digress.

In a sudden gush of emotion and highs, I made you mine. I went out of my way and I worked very hard, just so that you would accept me with my flaws. Which you did and you made this world a rosy place to live in.
And now that we are apart, I want you again. I know so do you. You wonder what is taking so much time? It is this ugly life of nothing-ness. It is this mundane reality of painful experiences. It is the truth that I am not able to deny. It is the distance by which we must comply.

Dear dancing wait for me.
Under that Bright Shiny tree.
For I will be yours for years to come.
Just let this phase pass me by...

Apples, Cherries, Blueberries!!!

Dear Tempting Fruit.

It is nice to know that you are just hanging there on the tree of knowledge and you are extremely exciting. It is nice to hear that you are delicious. In fact I am almost certain of that.
And you might be like the shiniest thing I have seen in a while and you know I love Bling but the fact of the matter is that you are forbidden for a reason.

But the deal with all this is that I am not some Eve. I gaze at you because you are amusing.
I like to think of you only because I cannot have you and that makes you even more tempting. But still I am not going to try and take a bite. No sir!

It is not Eden that we are in and I got no Adam to take the fall with me.

So take your temptation away with you.
Okay you cannot possibly move right?
Then i will.

It is extremely hard to walk away.
But I got a different fruit salad of mine (it's MINE) waiting for me. I shall think of that and just keep walking. Slowly, yes. But not to turn back!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am your confidant, your secret keeper.
I am your friend.

I could be so much more than what I already am.
The parallels of railway tracks like you said. Always next to each other but never overpowering.

You know I am scared for us.
Because of me.
Because of you.
Because of where we have reached.

A thorn won't stop us now.

Let me be what I can be.

But I am still scared.
Hold me close I know it will go away. Talk to me and I know it will get better.

Let this be a bad dream. And only that.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Urvashi, You are ungi jaisi dubli! :*

Agar ladki ko andhere mein,
Aankh maari to hoga kya?
Agar aazadi na ho toh,
Swarg milne se hoga kya?

Class mein fikar nahi hi toh,
waha padhne se hoga kya
Bees ki umar ka jo hai khel,
sath mein khel ke hoga kya?

Lesson of life?? I think so!
I love this.
Apart from everything else, the lyrics rock!
Just watch and you would know what I am talking about.

And then just listen. Without the video.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skinny fit You!

Dear Black Skinny Fit Denims.

I never realized how uncomfortable you were when you had just entered the fashion world. The low waist was such a thrill that I completely ignored how hard it was to manage. Maybe it was because we hit it off instantly.

We laughed and cried and were companions for a long time.
And then you became the brutal source of pain as it were and you stopped fitting me.
My reality came crashing down. I was shattered.
As I was lost in the desert of side fat and thigh flab, you laughed at me each time I opened my cupboard.
And then I found your counterpart, your evil twin, the dark blue, hide-all-my-fat denims that may be the same size but were more 'open' in their outlook. I got comfortable with them. They were addictive. Just like Chinese food.
They were like my second skin but they weren't skin fit. Irony, that life is.

And Now, years later, that you finally fit, that I finally rediscovered you, I realize that you are super duper (risking repetition!) Uncomfortable.

You may be that
You may not hide my side flesh. You may be so low (literally) that I am scared to even sit down.
And I may have to think a dozen times before going to the loo...

But you most definitely make my behind look super duper hot.
And that my friend, makes up for all your disabilities.

I knew I would overpower you one day.
And I just did.


Dew drops...

Ambiguity has become a virtue in it's own right.
Yeah it is definitely a part of my routine existence.

Karol Bagh is a new found significant place. It is definitely on my bling list.
Finding new people is and has always been such a fantastic experience.
And nowadays it is becoming a nice little refreshing thing to do. The amount of variety in itself is a massive amusement. And it is definitely a fantastic feeling.

The tingle-some, ticklish morning dew. The fresh, musty, foggy day.

Simple living is creeping it's way through my life. And so is an elaborate rustic feeling of my magical reality. The connection of me with my own string of thought.

I absolutely adore.