Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Open Letter

It is with utmost sense of loss, I feel the need to announce the sad demise of Intelligence.

And to be more precise, I am talking about a certain set of women who have allowed this death and permitted this tragedy.

I wish you saw that the stereotypes that all of us suffer from are your doing.

I wish you understood that you will never be left alone no matter what and mostly I wish that you would not pounce on the first guy you meet who is remotely attracted to you.

I wish you would understand that men are attracted to all walking things with boobs. You aren't special to him if he is not professed his love to you in all ways possible begging you to be with him and if he is not wearing that shining armor. If it is anything less than utmost crazy mad love without exceptions or excuses for you then he is NOT the one. You just prefer to wear a rose tinted glass around him, and as a result your intelligence just screams for breath as you silently murder it.

I wish you would not base all your faith in this moron and screw up all your other life aspects. Why do you find it so easy to let go of your family, your career, your friends, and everything important to you? Just to get an approval from this guy who isn't even worth it.

I  get to know one of you on a daily basis. And it is the same old story. Same old question of why not me? Same old blind validation that you seek from this moron who either has gone back to his old girlfriend, or was not able to convince his parents, or even who just says that this is who he is.

Please know, these are all lies that are just convenient to him. Stop holding on to this guy will you? He is a wreck and when he meets his perfect girl, please know that he will go leaps and bounds for her and you will stand watching feeling worse about yourself.

But seriously, stop being such a weakling. Stop seeking approvals. You are the reason why our civilization is not dead yet. Then stop killing your own emotional expectations. Release yourself from the clutches of an existential, cyclical non being.