Monday, September 8, 2008

Moody...but happy! Weird... but content!

Arey this is so weird! I really Don't know how i feel. Its sooooo goddamn weird. Ajeeb Insaan makes things so much more confusing. And i don't know what to trust and what not to believe. So weird. He makes me vulnerable with his 'oh I am so nice' attitude and i cant seem to do anything about it. I cant really say how much of whatever he says is worth relying on. For example, the cute 'humara ghar' story last night. Now any girl who loves bollywood and corny lines would love to hear all that. But also the way he makes me feel that i am the only one dying to meet/talk to him. But i guess that's not really intentional. So because i am someone who wants to be happy and is willing to forget anything in order to do so (yess i HATE sulking..big time), i am choosing to neglect (with all my senses completely aware) those small trivial things like getting late etc. But yesterday i swore to myself that i am not going to (under any circumstances) initiate a meeting ( i want to call them 'dates', but with so many friends around us its hard to do that). Being mysterious and indifferent works with guys (at least it does with my guy). All you need to do is never react in a way he expects you to. And there you go, your guy is all 'ga ga' over you!!! And the best part is that its a method that i have successfully learnt from my own meandering experiences. Ever wondered why a guy always wants to get back with you the moment you are over him? That's not only because of his male ego (though that is one of the biggest reasons) but also because, at that point he is not able to understand you and that's something guys cannot handle. They like to live in denial, yes. But still they always like to believe that they know their girl/exes inside out.

Ajeeb insaan is no different. He couldn't get enough of me when i couldn't stand him and now when i want to be near him all the time he is kind of weird..."busy" as he likes to call it but 'casual' as i like to perceive it. The guy needs danger of losing me to keep him ticking. So basically a little control over my feelings and i call the shots here..... Uff look at me all geared up and all. What to do! I am a romantic and i need my love life to be interesting at all times (except when i don't have one)....

But yeah things are very sweet otherwise. I love my life! And today Best fraand actually was in such a good mood that i can see the old days coming back again. That is to say the 'phase' is over (hopefully its not temporary). She actually asked voluntarily about ajeeb insaan. GOD just the person i wanted to tell stuff. I was careful with whatever i said but yeah i also realised how much i missed telling her everything. We only talked for about 45 mins but i was so happy that i am beaming with joy. I will always need a reliable (girl) friend to talk to and i realise how moody i become when i don't get that:)....

So basically i am khush.... a little irritated and moody at times, but Khush on a whole!

PS- 'Khush' as in happy for the benefit of the firangi lot!
PS2- So glad Ajeeb Insaan is not into blogging or reading blogs.....makes it so much easier to write the truths!!

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