Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Waiting for Brrrr...

It is this weather.

I am telling you.
The minute this chill sets into the air, a crazy excitement sets in my heart. I can never be unhappy in winters. Summers are torrid. Rains are gray. But winters?
They are colourful.
They are a never ending fun filled carnival.

They creep into the nights and make my cheeks rosy in the mornings. They crawl out of their cocoon and become the butterfly of my days. They cloud the skies. The sun warms from a hazy translucent fog and feels like silk against the skin.

It brings joy.

Lots of it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Almost Diwali

So it is almost Diwali.
I like Diwali.
It means I get a holiday. A day when my sister and I will make Rangoli all around our house. It means we will have a nice Puja, post which we will decorate the entire place with diyas and candles.

I stopped bursting crackers in 8th grade. I had signed an Anti Firecrackers Petition and I took it way too seriously.
But then last year it was different. Capricorn Boy, (being the sexy bomb that he is) lit my Diwali with phooljhadi and anar. He was the reason why the loud sound of patakhas did not bother my ears. It felt complete. And colourful.

I did not forget my oath and kept it limited. But it was a lot of fun.
It was like being 10 again.

And I am eagerly waiting for Diwali this year.

It feels like it will be fun.