Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday Morning!!! hmmmm

I hate rigged competitions. IIT sucks man. Although we didn't deserve the first prize (SRCC deserved it), but we were definitely among the top three. And would you believe the results?? IIT-D came third, SRCC came second and the brilliant (i repeat 'BRILLIANT') IIT- Kanpur came first. They didn't even wear a proper costume for heaven's sake. They were taken into the finals after looking at their video as opposed to all of us performing in the prelims. You know what i strongly feel... I feel IIT got intimidated by us and ruined our CD and misled us into the theme thing. The coordinator was a sly guy!! hmmmm....I am over it now.

Going today to meet Ajeeb Insaan for a relaxing break. Meeting after two weeks and after today wont be meeting for another two. I hate to admit but i am already missing him. I want to make the most of today to last me for the next two weeks. Thinking of some *ahem* naughty things but don't know if I'll have the guts to carry out my elaborate 'in my mind' plans. He was very sweet on the phone last night. Affectionate to be precise. Poor guy is missing 'ghar ka khana' so i am taking some aloo ke paranthe for him today. Awwww!!! Yeah only I 'awww' at my so called relationship. And so does Awesome Dancer but her relationship is more 'awww' than mine.

Next week is going to be TOUGH!!! I need to catch up on everything i missed because of this stupid IIT. First and foremost i need to get my attendance marked. And then the assignments. Then i will need to worry about all the class work i have missed. FEELS LIKE SCHOOL!!!

Also i need to pull the strings where my first year dancers are concerned. They need to work very very very hard. And i barely have time to clean their moves individually. But I will manage somehow. Positive approach always works.

Mr. Ex called yesterday and i picked up because i did not recognise the number. The moment i recognised his voice i wanted to bang the phone on his face. Well i didn't. Although I told him that i have the urge to do it and i think my tone was horrible. But serves him right. Anyway so the call was all about how this problem in his academic life made him believe in God and karma and he wanted to apologise and blah blah blah (the same old story)... reminded me of the latest Yash Raj movie 'Bachna Aye Haseeno' ( Pugsie are you listening?). I don't think i hate anyone in this world except him. I could not believe a word he said, probably because I have done that mistake so many times before. I actually made fun of him after keeping the phone and that too without guilt. He might be telling the truth this time but I just cannot trust him ever. He just wanted me to hear him out and at the end i told him clearly that i don't believe him and that in case whatever he said is true, its good for him and i don't feel anything whatsoever. And the best part was that I actually didn't feel anything, not even sorry or sympathetic!

I love the rain. And it has been raining for quite some time in Delhi now. I hate the sticky weather that follows but I am totally in love with rain. Cant ever get enough of it. The raindrops, the green trees, the smell of earth when rain falls on it, the umbrellas, the thunder and lightening.... God its just too amazing. Fills me with joy, every time.

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