Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This past week has been such a revelation.
All these years I have given so much importance to such petty issues. They felt quite big to me, some of them still do. I exaggerated and I lied and I felt justified in doing so. I learnt but I still fibbed. The habit is hard to give up. Today as I look back to all those times when I couldn't just tell a tale without my additional context, or I made up a rumour or I saved my ego by a simple white lie, I cannot help but compare those times to this past one week.

There are lives changing. There are relationships that are falling apart. I don't mean superficial love affairs. I mean real marriages. Marriages with children. Ego clashes and defense mechanisms. The fight to be above everyone else. It is crazy.

Last week when I whined about the number of close people taking the leap, I had no idea that there will be close people breaking it off, giving up. It is such a confusing generation, such a confused set of people.

I recently read something that touched my heart and inspired a fresh perspective. It talked about how this life is about experiences. How we are all here to witness these everyday and how we must cherish them for what they are. It is a learning, a journey. And then I witness these sad, futile and disturbing tales. In their rush they cannot even see the larger picture. They cannot count their blessings. They cannot even breathe deeply and enjoy the freshness of the air that may help them out of their anger. Help is always around the corner when you need it. But when one refuses to budge, there can be no help, there can be no gratefulness, there can be no permanent joy.

Bless them Universe. Please help them find their destiny.