Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This and That.

You know it is so easy to judge. Why do we live by these mental facades is beyond me. I frown upon it and yet I practice it with all my might.

Delhi is such an example of this.

In our heads we divide the city into zones and the kind of people that come from these zones are a certain type. I am sure those of us who stay in Delhi will agree with me, and so I shall not pin point these stereotypes that exist around us. In fact I have no right to pin point anyone with my South Delhi arrogance tailing my thoughts.

Facts prove us wrong day in and day out and yet we continue to believe the presumptions that were created by none other than ourselves in the first place. You remember that very awesome super famous movie? Yes this particular dialogue was Super funny, but in reality all Janakpuri girls are not Behenji and it is NOT okay to generalise. And that too on a medium for the masses? Not cool.

And yet I do it myself. Even if it is just sub-conscious, it is there.

But at the same time I also believe that it is impossible to escape. It is just something that we got to live with. All we can try is to not judge people on basic Demographics.


To conveniently digress, it is the Burden of my days that is draining my nights.
Laughing about old times is THE fun element and keeps me sane. Super Woman very nicely points it out again and again and we just continue to laugh at the world. We always will.

Rest of it is fun!

PS: You! Yes I am talking to you pretty girl. Since you are trying to a Fly to a Better World, you are now Super Woman on my blog. :) :) :)

My Precious!!

Far Far away in a land so fine.
I strive to make these memories mine.
It is a hard earned story of a damsel in distress.
It is far far away where thoughts digress.

In a sudden gush of emotion and highs, I made you mine. I went out of my way and I worked very hard, just so that you would accept me with my flaws. Which you did and you made this world a rosy place to live in.
And now that we are apart, I want you again. I know so do you. You wonder what is taking so much time? It is this ugly life of nothing-ness. It is this mundane reality of painful experiences. It is the truth that I am not able to deny. It is the distance by which we must comply.

Dear dancing wait for me.
Under that Bright Shiny tree.
For I will be yours for years to come.
Just let this phase pass me by...

Apples, Cherries, Blueberries!!!

Dear Tempting Fruit.

It is nice to know that you are just hanging there on the tree of knowledge and you are extremely exciting. It is nice to hear that you are delicious. In fact I am almost certain of that.
And you might be like the shiniest thing I have seen in a while and you know I love Bling but the fact of the matter is that you are forbidden for a reason.

But the deal with all this is that I am not some Eve. I gaze at you because you are amusing.
I like to think of you only because I cannot have you and that makes you even more tempting. But still I am not going to try and take a bite. No sir!

It is not Eden that we are in and I got no Adam to take the fall with me.

So take your temptation away with you.
Okay you cannot possibly move right?
Then i will.

It is extremely hard to walk away.
But I got a different fruit salad of mine (it's MINE) waiting for me. I shall think of that and just keep walking. Slowly, yes. But not to turn back!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am your confidant, your secret keeper.
I am your friend.

I could be so much more than what I already am.
The parallels of railway tracks like you said. Always next to each other but never overpowering.

You know I am scared for us.
Because of me.
Because of you.
Because of where we have reached.

A thorn won't stop us now.

Let me be what I can be.

But I am still scared.
Hold me close I know it will go away. Talk to me and I know it will get better.

Let this be a bad dream. And only that.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Urvashi, You are ungi jaisi dubli! :*

Agar ladki ko andhere mein,
Aankh maari to hoga kya?
Agar aazadi na ho toh,
Swarg milne se hoga kya?

Class mein fikar nahi hi toh,
waha padhne se hoga kya
Bees ki umar ka jo hai khel,
sath mein khel ke hoga kya?

Lesson of life?? I think so!
I love this.
Apart from everything else, the lyrics rock!
Just watch and you would know what I am talking about.

And then just listen. Without the video.