Thursday, September 4, 2008


God I am so pissed with Best Fraand that its crazy. She is nice to everyone but me these days. I can understand that there is a lot of pressure on her and she is very tensed and all but why is she ignoring me like this.

Its horrible. And she is constantly acting weird. She is not bothered about my life anymore and doesnt bother to tell me about hers. and i know she talks to pugsie about 'things', and her other friend A and smart class chic. Its just me who she ignores. I was so used to being around her that its almost crazy. She is never there anymore and treats me like a wall when i am around. I hate this. I never crib about friends moving away but this one is so sudden that i cant handle it.Its as if she has found substitutes for our friendship in other people.

And its not as if i havent talked to her about this. I have! and she made it clear that it is just a phase and that my being wid Ajeeb Insaan has nothing to do with it. And she also said that nothing will change between us just because she dissaproves of him. She just doesnt want to talk about him. So i stopped telling her stuff. Atleast the trivial things. But the other day in the library when i tried telling her about the 'change' she just started talking about some book. It was like she was there but not really there!

I hate this!! Her changing SO drastically. i can only hope that this 'phase' gets over soon. Else i will have no option but to get used to it.

I feel so weird about all this that i actually changed her name in my phone from Best Fraand to her real name. I dont think I know her any more and how can a stranger be my best friend??

Miss u so much babe....miss being with u!

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