Monday, March 23, 2009

Personification eh??

Feeling inadequate. Really incomplete.

...I know I am asking for a little more than what you are giving me but I think i deserve it after what has happened already. I demand romance....and you have to give it to me. Just because we are growing older and are getting used to each other does not mean that all the passion has to go, does not mean that small things are not required anymore. Don't kill the love of being mad within me, don't take away from me what I have always gained from being insane. I want to be crazy at times. Be my friend when I need one. Be my accomplice in my random moods. Be there for me whenever I need you. Make me happy, make me sad, make me feel joy, let me be excited. Don't kill my need to be madly in love once more. Because if I cant be mad, I cant love either. And if I cant love, YOU wont make a difference to me.

So life, Oh dear dear life....For your own sake let me be what I want to be, give me all that I demand, let me feel all that i want to, let me be naive once more.

Let me live.

I want to be alive... once more...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I want to talk. Just talk. As in like go on about something me-related.
I want someone to call me and i won't call anyone because I want attention and not them.
Ideally someone should call me and tell me how fantastic and amazing and important I am.
Or I should have some Chicken Seekh Kebabs and the fat should go to someone else's body who actually needs it.
Why is none of it happening??
Two blog entries in 15 mins.... at least its close to talking.... Is anyone listening???

Mood swings are unavoidable. And irritating. You know that you are being unreasonable but you cant help it. And that's what makes them even more irritating. Aaaaaaaaaargh.

PS- And again, Froggy all the very best.
I want pampering.
And the one i want it from is incapable of it...has always been!!!
I give up! Sheesh!!!

PS- All the best to froggy for her Law entrance.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Men should PMS and experience what it feels like.

But unfortunately....Thats not going to happen.

So we shall PMS and be moody and irritated and frustrated while they can whine about...oh i dont know....LONG LECTURES maybe!!!

Wish: Make men go through a woman's cycle for just one month. At least they'll know what we are talking about then.

And no.... every emotional outburst is not PMS!!!!

God I hate this unfair phenomenon!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mobile needs repair!!!!

I like putting nailpaint.

I miss days when I could copy homework without thinking of paraphrasing.

I want to go back to 5th standard when I could run around the campus in my favourite maroon umbrella-cut long skirt without thinking about how I looked.

I love pretty coloured eyeliners.

I love my new high definition eyeliner. Makes my eyes look pretty(ier) and it stays for long and is easy to apply.

I hate the fact that one has to live through school for 12 years and college where you have so much fun gets over in just three.

I LOVE the colour red. And ethenic jwellery.

I hate not having any aim in life. Okay so being rich can be an aim.... But then I hate not knowing how to.

I love it when old friends call or text.

I love people making an effort to meet me, or rather making an effort to be with me.

I wonder why I dont submit assignments throughout the year.....

Why don't men menstruate???

The colour pink is one fantastic thing to cheer you up....the second in line is purple.

Are fuzzy slippers comfortable??

Losing weight is so goddamn tough...and so slow a process!!!

Chocolate fantasy can never be too much chocolate!

Why is this note moving from 'I' to general things?

Photography needs skills which are suppsed to be "WOW"!!!

I like Sean Paul's Temperature... a lot!

Dancing is so much fun!!!

Writing nonsense can get borning after a while!!