Thursday, June 28, 2012

Always a Contradiction

Why do we always feel drawn to things we cannot have?
What is this innate human tendency to crave for the forbidden, to find it irresistible. When you tell a child that ice cream is off limits, ice cream is all that the child wants. Why are we such rebels by nature?
Moreover who decides what is to be had and what is not to be had? The moral code of conduct has been fed into our brains from our birth and we just have to abide. Because arguably it is 'the right thing to do'.

Cravings like these are all around us. Multiple examples in our faces all the time. The concept of Reverse Psychology has born out of this human tragic flaw. You see it in children, adolescents, teenagers, youth, the middle age, older generation. It does not spare anyone! This is one of those continuities, that collectively groups us as a race.

What is most surprising is how we get so easily lured by that which is prohibited. Is it a sense of achievement that tags us as a true resister of the societal norms? Or is it just a curiousness to find out the consequences?
What is it?

Random thoughts always have some base, some connection to an existing phenomenon. I am sure of that.

Moving on.

I just felt something.
Every time you look at me, I get jitters. Still.
Is that normal behavior? Or is it my Romance vicariously living through my hormones?

It could just be me.


Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have finally understood what caused my Writer's Block.
It is the lack of inspiration that causes mind blocks like these.
Come on! How is one supposed to get inspired by geometrical shapes and fixated minds? That is what I see all day long in my office.

I need some sort of an emotional drive for me to be able to write. It could be the wind messing my hair and throwing dirt all over my face. It could be the rain pattering on the roof, and chilling my spine. It could be the sun shine warming my body against a cool breeze. It could be a child laughing. It could be my grandfather's palm with the lines that talk about the work of his years. Or my grandmother's forehead with the wisdom she has earned.

Wow I just realised that I have the commonest, most cliched writer's dilemma. the dilemma of finding an Inspiration. Emotions usually drive me. Well, mostly.

But with this white noise buzzing in my ears and blank space staring back at my eyes?...

I am not sad. No that is not what I feel. That would mean some form of emotion. This is just a blank blank space where words are hard to form and thoughts refuse to take birth!

And surprisingly, I smile.

True to my belief, human mind is weird. And so are human sensibilities.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mundane issues...

Another Day. Another list. 
It is just annoying to know that the most easy and simple things in life can become so huge and cause so much unnecessary anger...

But well it is better to make lists and vent this anger rather than screaming your guts out at people (an act that some of them very much deserve).

So here is what causes *ahem* 'corporate slaving'. I base these points completely on the little and  meager (and therefore probably inadequate) experience.
So here goes...

1. People blowing their own trumpets. Left Right & Center. Self praise is like a favourite hobby of almost everyone. I am This... I am That...blah blah blah....
Honestly, all that noise is too much pollution.

2. People know less. And do not want to learn more. Not kidding!
I said 'Avant-Garde' and I got eyes. Blank stares. People did not KNOW what it meant!
Worst? People who do know (like me) are outsiders to their irritating and stupid jokes. I thank god in a way but I hate group-ism. Always have.

3. Lies. Too many of them. Practiced very religiously by everyone around.

4. Crazy amount of facade surrounding all aspects of the working of every individual. And I mean each and every individual. It is contagious. I found myself creating one too and immediately receded. And now my sole aim in life is to make sure I never become similar.

5. Did I mention stepping on others?? Well that also is 'healthy' competition. Oh such bliss!

6. Smart people have just given up or given in to the brash-ness. These people are those who are in fact not slaves. God bless them. I just wish they hadn't given up...

7. Easy jobs are made super tough so that all the above can be carried out....
It is actually quite hilarious to witness this preposterous procrastination.

8. It may be teaching you a lot but it also sucks out a lot. Like your time with your best friends. Like dinner with your parents. Like simple outings with your boyfriend.

9. The whole 'hard work' 'work late' 'killing pressures' is just nonsense created because of the lack of communication.

10. Oh! And the lack of communication. In order to steal credits and blame others that is an extremely powerful tool.

Sounds fun no?
I hear laughter ringing in my ears each time I try to listen. My own probably. Maybe I am laughing because these stupid issues bother me. When actually they are quite mundane.


Monday, June 18, 2012

TEN things I'd rather be doing right now...

In NO order of preference. I want all of the below with equal intensity...
I would rather be doing any of these (in fact all of these, one after the other) over what I am doing right now!

1. Sleeping:
Oh God bless that amazing Bed in front of that flat screen Television with that Air-conditioner. I would love to drop this all and just go and sleep. And watch TV. And sleep while watching TV. And watch TV while I sleep. I am sure you get the idea.

2. Coffee with Superwoman:
Would just love to make her bunk her office and sit in Def Col Barista or Saket CCD or City Walk Costa, or GK Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. And then we shall dissect and defame all the Panju's her mom has found for her and a bigger Panju who just refuses to budge!

3.  Shopping with Sister:
Oh I cannot remember the number of days we have been trying to buy that one piece of super important item that can only be bought together. I don't even mind her constant bickering if we could just go to the mall and shop. Maybe buy a book or two afterwards for her. :)

4. Spa with Froggy:
Oh that amazing free coupon that we have for Body Polishing that is just waiting for us to use it and pamper ourselves. After that we can go back to her place, have a photo session and we are sorted! Also check out all those awesome clothes that she has bought. *hug*

5. Big Chill with Pugsie:
Catch up on OH SO MUCH with my awesome adorable and now crazy for Pilates friend. You know! Be a little us and be super talkative, detailing every trivial happening of our lives just because we want to!

6. Being with Best Fraand:
Be with her and simply go with the flow. Never planning and always having an awesome time. We could go to the gym together and maybe cook something healthy. Or we could go out and blow all our money on absolutely fattening stuff that we can justify with ease. Talk about the multiple things we need to be writing about and then finally even writing them down.

7. Gossip with Ma:
Just random things that need to be talked about. Making songs for the upcoming weddings. Story-telling and gossips. And all that while I do some random chore she wants me to do. I love my Mom. She is the best.

8. Getting a Pedicure:
Just relax and sleep in that comfortable chair while my feet are pampered and beautified.

9: Reading a Book:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. In my bed. With some diet chips and Nimbu Paani!

10. Movie with Capricorn Boy <3 :
Our new found obsession is movies. We want to watch them all! Some popcorn. Some Nachos. Holding hands. And discussing them in super great detail afterwards. Just Perfect.