Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gleaming Accessory!!

Okay so the advertisement on my facebook account reads: India's Best University.........AMITY UNIVERSITY!!!

Yes this is the first thing that i mention after not writing for ages. Deal with it!

Too much has happened....but i won't go into the details (i don't owe anyone!!)

I don't even know what to write in this post except that i am super elated. The Gleaming Accessory is catching my eye again and again, I cant help but gush. Every time I look at it, I smile. Without fail. Its like an auto-smile switch. I don't even know how this happened but it just did.

Early morning. Around 8 (which is early for a holiday). Phone rings.... or rather vibrates, BUzzzzzzzzzzz. Pugsie. Network bad so i call her from the land line. One super excited chat about well ahem ahem. And then one super smart opinionated discussion on the Oscar famous Slumdog Millionaire. Pugsie I love our conversations. And that is because u know what i want to say without me really saying it at all. And I love you. I don't know what I would have done without you.

Last night. Around 8. Driving back home. Nobody picking my call. Message to the two pretty girls. I call Froggy. "Heeeey whats up"...the usual Froggy greeting. I don't even say 'Hi' and I blurt out the happenings of the day. In detail. Don't know how she is reacting on the other side but i cant help it. I go on talking till I've told her everything. She sounds happy for me. Froggy you should know that being the first one to hear makes you the recipient of maximum excitement and the most genuine emotion. Love ya baby. So much.

Last night. After reaching home. On the phone with Best Fraand.

Me: So you know the basic right?

Her: No I don't know anything!!!

I told her the whole story. But you should know Best Fraand how much that "i don't know anything" weirded me out. I felt so light after narrating the whole thing to you. Better than ever. And that is why you were the first person I called and messaged because I wanted to hear your voice and your reaction. I don't care how you reacted but just the fact that I told you everything made all the difference in the world. I need not state the obvious but well I want to anyway.... I love you!

I don't even know why I wrote about you three. But I just did. Felt like it. The Gleaming Accessory agrees. And looks pretty when I type. Nice and glittery and pretty and shiny and.....just so beautiful!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cant making other people do it for me!

By the Deluded Doctor!!

Top 8 excuses why Anukriti doesnt post regularly on her blog
8. She likes to keep us in suspense
so that when she comes back, we'll either be too confused,have a funky hairstyle, too in suspense or dead.

then she can finally blog about the things that matter to her, like dances, gossip, drooling and male pattern baldness

7. she has exams and she's working hard and studying for them.

yeah right.

6. she's not intellectual enough.

yeah right.

5. her astrologer friend has warned her not to.

saying that if she does try to blog in this ominous period of mars, she might develop boils on her chin......or worse, she may start liking her studies(*shudders*)

4. her parents have asked her to stop blogging, otherwise they'll marry her off to a rich gujrati snob.

3. she watches friends.

chandler bing doesnt blog. chandler bing is cool.

2. it takes too long to type that much.

what? try typing with your nose while using both your hands to eat chips. is it that easy now, huh, mr smartypants?

1. she waits until someone asks her why.

and then zap! using her higher intellectuality and sense of fashion, she makes the person write her a guest post.