Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good day, dissapointing evening!!!

Today was a nice day. I got my attendance marked as in whatever i missed because of practice. Not all teachers but its still so satisfying to know that i am not short on attendance abhi tak:). Also I wrote a class assignment for Achebe's Things Fall Apart. Although I did not know a lot of things but i still managed to fill 4 sides. And again i am very content. I need to do an assigment on Yeats now and another one on Sons and Lovers by Lawrence and I am through with the before vacation work. And that feels so amazing. This time i am totally going to submit the maximum assignments and get 'kick ass' marks in my internals. Yeah baby, KICK ASS!!!

Oh yesterday Pugsie wrote a very nice thing for me...YAY!! Its 'The Ode to Anu'

The Ode to Anu

like a wild deer

gone berserk in the rain

you leap with

inexplicable grace

throwing open your arm

to welcome an embrace

chattering excitedly

as feelings your

mood dictates

when happy or glum

an energy around

you hums

with shrieks and sounds

an aura loud

That's how you'll be

forever in my



Awwww... I love you for it. Especially because nobody before this has ever written a poem about me. And that too so amazing. I love the way you write.

Its evening. I am talking to Weird Girl right now. And I had forgotten her SPB show and she was very upset. She just told me how pissed she was. She says she is over it now but i feel so guilty. And i messaged her around that time that i am telling my parents that I'm going to meet her when i was meeting Ajeeb Insaan. She is talking normally now. In fact giving me advice on certain unmentionable topic. But i feel horrible for not being there when she wanted me to be. And those are rare times when she acknowledges that she wants you around.

One good day and a disappointing evening. Hmmm whatever... Assignments done but friends upset. Vaise i should be mentioning the argument with Telepathic Bitch as well but its too much to mention. She is so oversensitive. OVERSENSITIVE!!! Uff i cant reason with her at times. I just cannot. But Anyway...I guess i should just move on!