Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why the hell is it complicated???
So bloody ambiguous?

God when do you intend to find me that boy who will just want to be with me as much as I do? And I am not asking you to send back any old flames. Capricorn boy happens to be perfect. But no! I had to drag in these complications. And he also had to be so all over the place.

Friendship cannot happen now that I know what the other side feels like. Not until I am over him, no!
What is this? This super horrible lack of coordination in what we feel. Dancing is so much easier. You just need to coordinate but you still never leave your personal styles. You are different yet you dance together, as a whole.
Why can't a relationship be like that? Maybe they are supposed to be like that and I just don't know what that feels like. Why can't men just at least try to see what wonderful people we are. But no! a little emotion drives them crazy.

A friend of mine who heard the whole I-can't-be-vulnerable-to-him-because-he-can't-handle-it-and-he-isn't-vulnerable-to-me story said something that I completely agreed with. He said that if you love someone (even as a friend) you want to be vulnerable to them. You want to share your lives with them.

I am emotional. I am complicated. But so are you. If I am going that extra mile to try and figure you out, why can't you also just try? Why the hell is it so hard? Why do you have to attach so many complications to it?

PS- Capricorn boy i did not put up what you read in my notebook in the morning on this blog because I know you don't want me to. I know that is also too much for you to 'handle'.

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