Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lots of things.

Had a wonderful and an eventful week.
Missing Military Training Camp was worth it.

Capricorn boy was looking Super hot today. Stubble suits him. And the light pink shirt...never looked better on anyone else. I could just kiss him then and there. But busy boy couldnt be around for long.
Note to self- Ask him to wear the same shirt next time we go out. :) :)

Met Pugsie day before. The usual movie didn't happen but Big Chill did. Talking to her is one of the best things in the world. Might go to Sunder Nagar Diwali mela with her.

Went to see Ramleela last Sunday. The Indian Ballet has its own grace and charm. And the best part was that I met Nair sir there who was the choreographer of the performance and who also happens to be the first real teacher who taught me. The only word that may be close to defining what the performance was like is I think 'spectacular'. Transferred me into an alternate universe. The Indian form still takes the position of the most expressive form of dance in my opinion. What we call the 'bhava' (or expressions) is dealt with such an importance and grace, that it manages to deeply involve the audience with the action of the performance, especially me. I wanted to be up there dancing with them and yet I wanted to just sit there and watch without batting an eyelid.

Called up Maggie immediately after the performance and talked about how great dancing in school was. Our school had an annual ballet which was a huge deal. Being a part of these is perhaps the the thing that i miss the most about school. The stay backs for practices was probably what made us (Maggie and I) inseparable.

Tomorrow I am going to meet Enigma. Helping them with auditions for Pilani. Feels great to still be a part of it somewhere. I felt Elated when they called me for my opinion. Like Capricorn Boy says, everyone wants to be remembered after they leave. It feels fantastic that I still am a part of what is a part of me. Enigma shall always be one of the factors that changed me and made me the person I am today.

Like Weird Girl pointed out in one of those I-can't-ever-forget practice sessions in my first year, 'You give what you have to the stage, and the stage will return you a lot more.'

And it so did.

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