Friday, October 2, 2009

Scared? Me? No!

Look at that!
That blatant Truth staring at me... unwilling to waver it's gaze.

I am scared. Am I?
Probably not. But its just a scary thought of this Truth coming closer to me. I can't help it though. It will eventually reach up to me with those glaring Red eyes which I dread. Damn it! Where is that pile of sand which i want to bury my head into? Or that time machine which can either take me back or forward 3 months right now (does that time period ring a bell anyone?) . I don't want to face what is coming my way.

It's curiosity mixed with anticipation. Its this parallel duality of what i romanticise and... well and the truth of the present circumstances. I don't mind either to be frank. But like all those who know me well enough can guess...I cant stand not knowing or not being able to help 'it'.

So what should i do?
The Plan Of Action (POA) as of now is to just deal with it. Distract myself till this feeling dies. (distraction=sand box???)

Stop staring you horrid beast with bloodshot eyes. You might not realise it but the effect of your appearance is freaky. Go away. Or maybe attack me from behind. I am good with handling surprise attacks. But this? Not happening!
*secretly meditates*

Pugsie baby. I love you. As if you didn't know! Ha!

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