Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rantings of an unoccupied mind!!!

Early morning. Sleepy and groggy. With eyes half open, i check the cell phone. No missed call, no messages. Disappointed. Pulling the blanket up close i try to sleep or rather i try to remember the dream that I'd left incomplete before i woke up. Hmmm... Strong arms, sweet smell of cologne, husky voice.....


Drat those horrible doorbells. I don't care who opened the door but I hate being woken up to reality. Especially when I have all the time in the world. Although its good only. I shouldn't think of 'all this'. I should get up and do something constructive rather that fantasising about things which aren't coming my way anytime soon.

Crunches. 1... 2... 3...

I have to lose weight. I need to look goddamn gorgeous and unbelieving-ly irresistible.

10... 11... 12...

I wonder what mom has made for breakfast. I hope its something nice. I wont eat it right away though. I will go drink a lot of water. Yup loads and loads of it.

28... 29... 30

God are these crunches even helping considering I wasn't even warm before I started? I think they should be. But I don't control my diet at all nowadays. At least they wont let me put on more fat. God they better be helping.

39... 40...41...

I am a dancer. I should be stretching also. And i should be doing split warm ups and all those difficult fancy things i know. But I am on a holiday. I can skip those for a while. Right now I will concentrate on finishing these 100 crunches.

71... 72... 73...

*phew* *puff*.... At least i can do more crunches than a lot of people. But I need them also more than a lot of people. Will a flat stomach make my ex come back and beg me for apologies. I wont care now. I have to stop thinking about him. I am not taking him back again. Never. God that sounds so bad. Or probably not. I don't know. 94... 95... 96... almost there....99... 100!! *collapses*

Television. Nothing entertaining on air. No English channels at grandparent's place. Not even Disney channel. Suddenly I realise that I was plucking hair strands again. God I need to stop doing that. I will become bald at this rate. And I've got such pretty hair. I should seriously consider that before mercilessly plucking them out.

Chatting on Gmail. According to this net friend of mine, I am highly predictable. And he thinks its not a very good thing. I don't know about that. I cant change the way i am just because i don't want to be predictable. According to this other net friend, I can be a very good writer. Okay when i heard that i admit i did feel flattered. But I know its kind of not possible because I am a very moody writer and i can only write when i feel like.

DVD. Chak De India. One of my favourite movies. But the picture quality sucks. I will go back to Delhi and buy the original DVD. But then who has the time? Anyway its entertainment right now.

Oho. Electricity gone. Load shedding in these areas. I want to watch the movie. But I cant. I think i will message RO. But I was messaging him till late last night. He must be fast asleep. I shouldn't disturb him. Is he interested in me 'that' way? According to Best Fraand all guys are. But according to her she is also a 'cynic'. But why would he be so nice to me otherwise. You know it can be general friendship also. Maybe he IS like that. Very close to people he calls his friends. Maybe he likes talking to me on a daily basis. I should seriously ask him about his (girl)friend S. But I don't have the guts to do that. I don't want to ruin what we have. I really like talking to him. The major point here is also that do I like him 'that' way? To be truthful I am still very uncomfortable thinking of anybody else apart from Ajeeb Insaan in 'that' way. I hate to admit but that's the truth.

Call to Weird Girl. Always the most entertaining thing on the planet. God I don't need a boyfriend. Its just lack of things to do right now. My next week is already booked with lectures, practices, meeting weird girl and shopping with PP. I just need to get past these two days.

And I also need to start studying. Promise to self- I shall catch up on everything that i have missed during these days and make sure that i am not lagging behind.... Amen!

God I hate it when i have nothing to do.:(


Crizzie Criz! said...

You did three things and you still say you have nothing to do, hehe.

1) You crunched a 100. Do you know how bloody amazing that is? I aint doing that, in a 100 years (the only thing that'll crunch in a 100 years would be my bones, already dead for over 50 years, :P)

2) You chatted the day off with friends. Absolutely therapeutic. Helps keep off devils of yesteryears and helps preventing gaining new ones.

3) You blogged about it. Aint that lovely? Dont you feel that the blog is a part of your life? A piece of your being suspended in time, for eternity? (I came across a blog which i stopped writing in four years a go. Its still there. It was a goddamn nice feeling, seeing what i had written all those years a go, and marvelling how i can never write with such gay abandon again)

There, thats three things that you created out of thin air, and you still think you had nothing to do. Its all about how you look at it.

As to being a moody writer, thats the best sort. What fun would it be if they made writers who could churn out the same stuff over and over and over?

Variety is the spice of writing and it doesnt come without being moody. It helps the words to come out more powerfully. And yes, i think you're a wonderful writer too. Small wonder that my comments are getting longer and longer.

P.S: If you already didnt go to sleep reading the comment, i say "hey, neat post, 100 crunches too. WOW!!!"


S said...

That was rather well written :)

not intellectual enough said...

@greeker- I love your comments. In fact i wait for them now. You bloody well comment on all my posts now:) pressure! he he!
and oh yeah i can do 100 crunches but trust me its all because i have been dancing for a long time. Its almost a part of daily routine:)
and about blogging, hell yeah u are right:). If u are into harry potter books, i remembered horcruxes when u said 'piece of ur being suspended in time'.... god love the way u put it!!:)

@s- Thank you:)

«« hAdez »» said...


Crizzie Criz! said...

"Accio Firebolt" has been my rallying cry, always!!!


And hey, thanks for your comment to the comment. You just made this four-foot gorilla feel like king Kong himself!



go-phish said...

im assuming we're on for friday and coffee?...

boy or no boy.

exercise some or not at all.

coffee. this friday.

you me and you talking

(my voice is TOTALLY gone after kanpur!) :(

go-phish said...

ps- dont wait for texts or calls.
you deserve more.
and you're gonna get it.

silly billy:) said...

oyee...m also comin fr coffee..chocolate shake actually...:)n ya u deserve more n u wont be idle fr long..muaah!

i like this blog..

not intellectual enough said...

Dearest go-phish and silly billy. Coffee and chocolate shake it is.... but on SATURDAY!!
Its a half day and we are not making any excuses whatsoever and sitting together for a looooong time. My treat btw!!:)...cant wait to see you guys. Have missed u like mad:)

Swayam said...

fun read... hmmm...a part form that don't know what to say.. you were just bang on..except for crunches apart.. i aint into exercising...although i want to look completely awesum *wink*

Crizzie Criz! said...

Four days, 400 crunches, and not a word to write?

Come on, I was just starting to enjoy your evolution into a compelling writer...

Keep walking the road, lady!