Saturday, October 25, 2008

Being on a Roller Coaster!!!

Okay so for those wondering where I have been all this while and if my break up has led me to depression, let me tell you... My life has been a Roller Coaster ride for these past two weeks!!

Okay first thing first. Ajeeb Insaan chapter is closed once more. It took me exactly one day to get over him. And i knew i could do it with ease because i have done it before. 'Ab to aadat si hai mujhko...' I mean come on, I cannot cry over someone who has practically no regard for my feelings and who conveniently messes with my life and emotions whenever he wants to. I am not saying that i don't love him or I hate him or that i am bitter. Now i just don't care. I am sick of sulking over him and i decided that i wont do it now. Ho gaya yaar bas!! And in fact I am so happy because he chose the right time to break up with me, right before i was to leave for the annual cultural festival of BITS, Pilani.

Okay so BITS, Pilani. We came second. Wooohoooo!! My first National level certificate for dancing. This is what i worked so hard for. Although it is not the first prize but well then BITS, Goa won. I hope you see the connection... BITS, Pilani- BITS, Goa... So technically we won only....My god such an amazing end to such a chaotic trip. And trust me i am being subtle when i say 'chaotic'. God everything was so unorganised this year. Although the student union guys were very nice and were very supportive (thanks Rushikesh and Dhruv) but from the moment we entered the campus something or the other kept going wrong. First we were to share an accommodation with 50 other girls (that means 27+50=77 in one flat)!! When that confusion cleared and we were given another place, the volunteers lost our accommodation papers. I couldn't sleep properly that night because i was so tensed. Without those papers you face problems while coming back. And I had to leave like a day before the festival was getting over before everyone else because of family pressure (that's another long story) so being the Group Leader (GL) i had to take care of all this. Anyway wont go into the details but eventually this problem was solved. Then to top it all, this weird loser of a guy who said he was from the authority was practically drooling all over me. And THAT was very irritating.

Then our event got majorly delayed. Its started at 3am in the morning (would you believe that?) and got over at 6.30am. We were so tired by this time and I had to leave at 11.30am. Our Daru party got ruined because of this delay and so did my plans to get 'talli'. Uff so much confusion!! Anyway I was terribly tensed about our event and I had all this to worry about. By the end of it i had conveniently pressed the STOP button on the right side of my brain (dont ask me how i know its there, but I just know that its on the right side) and i was successful in being absolutely spaced out. But I guess that helped because we WON!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Anyway I had to come back with KMC and the trip back was even better. RO and i bonded like never before. Although I know RO from the past two years but i was always so busy with Soul Sis that I never found the time to talk to him. And I regret that so much now. By the end of the trip we were laughing our guts out at anything and everything. Be it the lame song game (where u skip some words from the lyrics and it sounds pervert), or the long chat we had in the bus or the auto ride back home. My god the auto ride back home... It was the most hilarious thing ever. ' The funniest in the history of funny things'. Poor Autowala bhaiyya thought we were dating and he kept waiting for mushy moments but poor guy was denied all the hopeful romance (i want to call it soft porn but i wont) as we both kept laughing on his face. God it was just out of this world. Like RO messaged me later, even I don't remember the last time i clicked with someone so well and that too in such a short span of time.

Hmmm... anyway now I am at my grandparent's place for Diwali with my family and cousins. Its going to be a lot of fun. Still I cant wait to go back to Delhi and get back into the grind. I am such a happy person.

PS- Dance is my real love which wont desert me ever.

PPS- Our fashion team came first in Pilani for the second time in a row. God They have no competition. They are Fantastic. So proud!!


silly billy:) said...


Scribblers Inc said...

oh goodie!! for your prize thingie and your gettin over the entire mess up thing...and good that you got over so easy, because things like this arent worth mulling over anyways!!:)

Scribblers Inc.

Crizzie Criz! said...

Did you just say Goa? The only time i was there, i made a movie in a day... :)

I was part of IFFI 2004 where there was this movie making competition. On my first trip to Goa, i came two weeks early to find the locations, actors and what nots.

I never knew those two weeks would be a journey of self realisation and discovery. The people floored me with their hospitality. Even though i didn't use to drink at that time, i was drunk with their hospitality. Although i have never tried substances, i always get high thinking about the times. Goa rocks, in all sense of the word.

whew, that was one long rant. But believe me, i could go on all day...

P.S: This rant happened because i think you're from Goa. If that aint the case, kindly forgive me, its the pressure at the work place finally getting to me.

P.S to a P.S: Great post!


Crizzie Criz! said...

OOPS, i just re-read your profile and found that you're NOT from Goa. Sorry bout that, blame it on the pressures here...

If you will, I'll let the earlier comment stand. Goa is always the most romantic place on earth for me.

Like i said, if you will...


not intellectual enough said...

@scribblers- Hey thank u so much!!
I know thing like that arent woth 'mulling over' and i am glad i am over it now!! Yay

@crizzie criz- I love your Goa description and if thinking that I am from goa led you to write all those great things, Please keep thinking the same. Btw I have never been to Goa but trust me I am going to make sure i visit the place soon. And dont worry abt the work pressue...we all go through it:)