Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolutions that I plan to keep. Yay 2014!

Happy 2014.
Such a nice cold pretty first day. It holds a lot of promise. I hold a lot of promise to myself. So much to do. So much to learn. So much more to live. 
The start of a New year is an auspicious time. Our state of mind defines what we will be for the primary part of the coming year. It is not a superstition. It is how our thoughts work. The power of an affirmation dictates how we want to create our life in the coming year and the minute we have our wish in place, the universe responds with an affirmative too. 

So Resolutions.
And off course a list. Again.

1. Write more. 
I have too many ideas that I do not execute, or rather did not execute. This year, they are all going to be started in some way or the other. Also, I will be a little more organized and will upload something twice a week. If not here then somewhere. But twice a week will give me a deadline and heaven knows I love them.

2. Paint more.
A very small fragment of 2013 made me see how much I love painting and how much peace it brings to me. So this year I will be painting. Oils. Canvasses and walls. I will make sure I put up my work for the world to see and not hide it in my room. These are a part of my creative outlook and I will suppress it no more.

3. Go abroad.
I was told by a Jyotish when I was super young that I am meant to live my life abroad. I think back then all the astrologers predicted this for everyone, since going abroad was a huge deal. Prediction or not. Somehow, I have never managed to take a trip outside of India. That makes me feel like I am missing out on so much. I love to travel. I love finding new things. This year, I am going to ensure that I travel abroad. I have a plan, execution needs little work but it will happen.

4. Be Neat.
I started it in the last month of 2013 and I want to continue it this way. I am going to rid myself of all the dust around my room, everyday. Keep my things more organized and clean. No more negativity because I am too lazy to clean my room, and my cupboard, and my bookshelf and everything else. I have had a long run being messy and I loved it. But now, tidy me is in order.

5. Meditate. 
I will spend more time being with myself this year. I will take a break from the rat race every two days and just be with me for an hour. No TV, no laptop, no phone, and no noise. I am going to listen to music, or just sit with my eyes shut, or just exercise, or just take a walk or something that brings peace to my mind and clears it.

6. Go Beyond.
I will ensure that my Dance Venture reaches new heights this year. I will bring in a better 'Routine' for it's working and will work towards a more organized and systematic approach. People will be hired and projects will be completed. The aim is to start and successfully create at least two projects this year that will put us on the map. Beyond Routine will see light beyond it's usual horizon in 2014. 

Another  list of 6 things?
I somehow cannot think of any more resolutions, and also I am to meet a friend and her potential life partner for which I am running a little late. Talk about similar days.
Oooh not being late should be a resolution.
Bah! Let us not kid ourselves. And let us not justify this terrible habit either. Let us just try to wake up earlier than we usually do.

Peace. Positive. Light.


«« hAdez »» said...

A very different person from the 2012 version of you but much closer to the 2007-you. :D



I guess, Res # 2, 4, 6 are yet to catch up..

Anukriti Khare said...

How 2007 me?

P.S.: All resolutions are being worked on very very seriously.

«« hAdez »» said...

.. you have a similar kind of.. or in fact even more energy n zeal. Minus all the confusions (which basically comes with that age). A more determined, focused person u r now, which seems like an extension of 2007, not 11 or 12. If a bird's eye view is taken then it seems like you were lost in between and now are back on the track.

I dont know how seriously you should take my words.. since i dont know how well i really know you now.