Sunday, December 8, 2013

Early bird?

Oh this neurotic behavior seems to be slowly converting into nocturnal behavior, and also apparently short term memory loss since it took me some ten minutes to remember that nocturnal was called nocturnal. Also perhaps old fashioned behavior since I didn't bother to Google it.
Clearly I have some kind of odd botheration since I haven't slept all night. And now I am sitting on my bed listening to Bhajans drifting into my window from some far away temple. It's loud and clear. Both the chanting and my frame of mind. So this is the ultimate test huh? The test of the universe it seems.

What is with narcissism?
Honestly it's bull shit!

As the dawn dawns on Delhi, it is dawning on me that it is in the end a facade. A projected image versus the real us. From today I have another thing that I don't want to be. Delusional to who I actually am. This age is another kind of a bubble. The bubble that puts us in a place where we want be that person who knows it all. So here is an acceptance that never left me, but I shall affirm it to reinforce it. I don't know everything. I am not the smartest. I am not a know it all who fits into every circle because honestly that is impossible. I am ignorant, and not afraid to learn. I won't be that person! Too many people I know are that person. And they repulse me to a large extent.

What can I say. It's a new day. I am me. I am not scared to be over loving, over caring, cheerful, enthusiastic and all those other things.

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