Sunday, January 19, 2014

Whispering a few nothings!

I take a little bit of Me everyday and I put Me in a furnace so that I can come out solid and gold. It is a process of gaining strength, realizing dreams and becoming worthy everyday. I pick out those parts that hurt and I replace them with love. I pick out the things I don't like about me and I work towards making a change. It is an active participation with my own being. 


I was running in the cold winter fog on a cold January morning and all I could hear was the thump of my feet and the thump of my heart. It was slowly getting tough to breathe and my mouth felt dry, but I did not want to stop. He slowly caught up with me and started jogging by my side. His breath was also shallow. 

How much more?

I just nodded for I did not want to make an effort and waste any energy by speaking.
He understood that I wasn't stopping anytime soon.


The blanket was warm and the incense was strong. The steam from a plateful of yummy meal was an exciting prospect. But reaching out would mean taking my hand out of the blanket and exposing it to the cold.
This seems to be the only conflict of my mind this season.


The cold wind negated the strong sunlight. The green of the garden grass was lined with red flowers. The Green of my inner peace is also lined by Red emotions. They are fragrant, yes. But they are not as beautiful as the flowers of the garden, they do not add drama.


Her words were confident but her eyes looked towards the right. She almost had me believe her but she doesn't know that I am a reader. Of faces. I keenly observed the meaning of what she may be referring to. Her voice pitch told me about her delusions. She can lie to this world, even to herself. But her emotions don't. They never do.


Phlegm phlegm phlegm

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