Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Happy Post!

A lot of people on social media are engaging in the 100 happy days activity and I simply adore the little things that are are being uploaded on a daily basis. It is such a simple little concept with so much power. It is teaching us to notice the little things that bring us joy, and helping us to cherish them. 

Inspired from the same, I thought of doing a List of things that are making me ecstatic right now.
Let's begin.

1. Working after a long travel spree. 
Just going nuts with work, planning, new ideas and fresh concepts. It feels like my entire existence is one big rejuvenation process right now, because my work is therapeutic. Loving every bit of it. Dreaming big and working towards making them come true. Such bliss.

2. My Room.
I love it. Every bit of it. This is my sanctuary, my get away from the world. The new setting, the paintings, the camphor, the carpet are just perfect. The old elements like my cupboard, my book rack and my dressing table add to the perfection. Just need yellow lights for the mirror and I am sorted.

3. The Boy
I don't know how it happened but something just changed during this trip. It feels like a whole new discovery, a fresh experience altogether. I am not scared anymore, not worried about the Tomorrow. The fact that we have lasted this long and it still feels new makes me believe in my relationship more and more. The test of time has made us stronger. It has led me far away from my doubts. 

4. The Party
Birthday month, and my Birthday Eve Dinner get together that is slowly taking the form of a party. And I haven't even invited everyone yet. The best part is that my parents are a major part of such gatherings. My kind of people, my kind of fun. I cannot wait for it.  I will miss the boy. I become a crazy happy person around my Birthday and this year is no different. Super Hyper Excited!

5. The Regime
The upcoming weddings call for the let-us-get-thin pledge once again. My ma has this amazing diet chart that I am following which is not crazy harsh. Plus the exercise routine is super fun. This time we also have a fitness log to keep track. Super Duper fun times are here. Wohooo!

7. The Post Reunion Work
The family Reunion has left me with a lot of fun videos and pictures. Editing them, collating them and uploading them for the family has become an obsession of sorts. I love the reactions. I love the interaction. I Love it all. 

8. The people to meet
I loved the fact that some of my friends missed me so much when I was gone that they would regularly check on when I would be back. Cannot wait to meet them and talk. Endlessly. There is a new house to be warmed. There is a sleepover with an old friend. There is a Wedding Plan to be worked on. There is too much love to be enjoyed.

9. The Therapy
The upcoming session is going to be long and fun. Too much dissection and analysis needs to be done. I don't think I have ever been this excited to meet my therapist and for a cleansing session. I don't know why but the idea of a nonstop conversation followed by a meditative slumber sounds like the best thing in this world right now. 

10. The Painting
The colours are giving me a head rush. So empowering this is. Just emptying your thoughts, your ideas, your energies onto a canvas. It is pure perfection.

11. The Book
This is one permanent happy part of my life. One book or the other. Always. Right now it is Scarlett, one of my most favourite. Love the fact that this is a permanent source of happiness.

12. The Series
Back to back episodes of Lie to me. In love with Tim Roth all over again. Going to get the book by Paul Ekman that is an inspiration for this super awesome series. 

13. The writing project
It is very basic right now, and needs a lot of work. Working on it makes me happy!!!

14. The Plan
That will take me abroad this year. Big Smile.

So that is that I guess. I haven't stopped smiling even for a second while writing this post. Jaw hurts. In a happy way. Such an exciting life this is. 
Take love!

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