Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pune is a beautiful place. The weather is perfect this time of the year and it makes me want to take long walks, read books in coffee shops and be with myself. I am staying with my college going cousin in her shared accommodation and she has been kind enough to sleep on the floor bedding and give me her bed. It feels like I am a part of her college life, living it vicariously through her. It is wonderful. 

I have a beautiful golden tan from my trip to Goa that I love. However now it is beginning to make my skin a little dry. I cannot wait to get back to My Delhi but I still have a few days left.

It is the Birthday month. I love my birthday month in Delhi, but Pune and Goa are also great places to spend the first half of January. The day I get back, I have a long list of celebration like things planned for me. A few sleepovers, a few small evening fun get together kind of things, a few lunches and a few dinners. I am excited about January mostly. 

She said that this is the year of transformation. I agreed without thinking but I think I know what she meant now. That is great.

He feels saddened by certain references in my writing. He is the only one who seems to care. He is going to be writing me a birthday note. 

She can't wait for me to get back so that we can spend hours deciding the details and making lists. 

They are hoping to receive several mails from me in the next few hours. They are working harder than I hoped in the past few weeks.
He says he will miss me when I go back. I believe his eyes more than his words. 


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