Sunday, November 22, 2009

NOT knowing what 'love' is...

Apparently I have never fallen in love till now.
Whatever has happened was merely an 'anticipation' of what I want love to be like.

I will know it when it happens. Thats what I have been told. So Ajeeb Insaan was just convenience? Or maybe a habit. I don't know what he was because I am absolutely disgusted even at the thought of him. And that cannot be love right? You don't get disgusted by people you love or you once loved. You accept them with their faults and you love them eternally. Right?

But that has clearly not happened.

And Capricorn Boy....
Well he is someone I really care about. And I have these feelings for him that I don't understand. I accept him and it feels right around him. I am myself around him and I don't need to fake my emotions ever.
I know its something. But I don't want to jump to a conclusion of calling it 'love'. Because I can't tell for sure. And if he doesn't feel it, I can't risk being in love with someone and knowing its futile. So even if it is love, I don't want to acknowledge it.

Basically I can't tell.

And maybe that's the right thing. :)

PS- Happy Birthday Best Fraand! I love you...

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