Monday, November 2, 2009

I ran!

And I ran.
With the breeze, like the breeze.
I ran without a care in the world. I ran without thinking. I ran laughing, screaming,. I ran for the pure joy of running. No boundaries. No notion.

I even fell. On a huge pile of mud. Got my clothes dirty but I did't care. I got up and continued.

It felt amazing.
Teary eyed because of the chill in the air. Teary eyed because of the warmth of my heart. I ran as the child in me woke up. Probably she was looking for ways to come outside. She was sick and tired of being held back. She hated it.

I wanted to run even after my body gave in. I could have gone on. I wanted to go on. I miss those days when I didn't get tired. When Grassy fields and dusty roads were my playground. I miss those crazy friends. I miss that football and that cricket bat. That swing, that slide.



Anonym said...

Is that about Delhi Half marathon ? :-/

not intellectual enough said...

No. I went to India gate with friends...:)

Anonym said... ! I got confused.

...but there isn't any mention of friends in the post. I guess they are the new ones.

not intellectual enough said...

The post is about an experience....and not what happened.

Anonym said...

"An accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities", events minus other participants...


Sorry for being so nerdy !
That was a great post. You 're into poetry as well ?

not intellectual enough said...

Thanks for the compliment...I write what I feel. If that gets translated into poetry its never intentional.