Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When I thought that I will be sitting in a comfortable lounge chair with a floor to roof glass window overlooking the city, I always imagined it to be a Holiday to a far away city, an amazing new place that I have never seen before.
I imagined it to be a time of luxury when I would be sipping a Mojito, waiting for my spa appointment and then a dinner date with the one I love.

Never did I imagine that it would be a Hospital Lounge and I would be waiting for the morning to see the One that I love and to hear about his improving health.
I owe my being to him. He forms the strong roots to one of the most magnificent tree I have ever known. He is the power behind all our pursuits, the guiding light of all our hearts.

Every second of the past three days has been nothing short of an adventure beyond explanation. Highs and Lows have flooded us with their mightiest blows.The emotional roller coaster was a relief to get off from.

The best part is that the ride ended with a high that I am grateful for.

For those who do not believe in God, or a superior power, I know it is futile to even make you understand the importance of blessings, the power of gratitude. But that will not stop me from telling the world about the power of this Universe. I have felt it more and more every second of my realization and even more in the past three days.

My gratitude is infinite.

'Thank You Thank You Thank You
 for the perfect resolution'

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