Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not just one thing :)

Well so what do we have here.

Another long Gap is it?

Gaps are meant to be. In fact gaps are good. It is good we give each other space Blogging world. It is very good indeed.

So since it has been a while, I shall Slur!
And not just any Slur, I shall slur left, right and well just about that much.

It is beyond my comprehension at times how this excitement just ceases to end. And then every new day is more and more about new things. It is like the world is Opening up to me, minute by minute. Some days are bright sunshine with light in my eyes. Others are foggy evenings with fragrant fetishes. And many many more are rainy afternoons, with brightly shining moons.

I realise now that it hasn't been in my aptitude to be low, not in my consciousness to be slow. I might move around with ease and not clean my room ever. But what I can do is just move the hearts and souls of a million energies that form my being.

And also,

The colour Red just makes me so immensely happy. And Orange and Purple and Blue.

You know how we say that we disagree. Well I do too. With you almost every second. You are good you know and there is no need for you to be constantly binding yourself around people who are better defined by unsaid names.

The best part about this is, that it isn't.

So many stirring conversations and so many tingling encounters and yet You make me the happiest and the most grateful person on earth.

Like i said, it is a Slur people!

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