Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have finally understood what caused my Writer's Block.
It is the lack of inspiration that causes mind blocks like these.
Come on! How is one supposed to get inspired by geometrical shapes and fixated minds? That is what I see all day long in my office.

I need some sort of an emotional drive for me to be able to write. It could be the wind messing my hair and throwing dirt all over my face. It could be the rain pattering on the roof, and chilling my spine. It could be the sun shine warming my body against a cool breeze. It could be a child laughing. It could be my grandfather's palm with the lines that talk about the work of his years. Or my grandmother's forehead with the wisdom she has earned.

Wow I just realised that I have the commonest, most cliched writer's dilemma. the dilemma of finding an Inspiration. Emotions usually drive me. Well, mostly.

But with this white noise buzzing in my ears and blank space staring back at my eyes?...

I am not sad. No that is not what I feel. That would mean some form of emotion. This is just a blank blank space where words are hard to form and thoughts refuse to take birth!

And surprisingly, I smile.

True to my belief, human mind is weird. And so are human sensibilities.

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