Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Post: Wands means Yes....

Super Girl is Super!
And here is her guest post....

I love you and I am sure you know that well!!

Here is to our Imperfect Perfections!
Much Love.

And It is Thursday again. Most of us are sitting at our desks, trying to wind up work faster in the hope of enjoying the weekend. Can you see the weekend yet? can u?? caaan uu?? maybe not. It has been so long that we've been at this desk. Doesnt the bum hurt? I guess we've been too busy to pay attention to poor butt.

Life is so goddamn fast now. It is not nice. The busiest time in school used to be Rupak Time, or the annual day. Thats the busiest it got. And it was happy busy. This? is oh my god let me out wala busy. Not a very great feeling. Either it's the office, or it’s the road. Home is like a paying guest accommodation.

I really hope and pray for all the sanity that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Else. ! About the other things in life, our Countdown is about to finish. Pretty fast it went ! It was only 30 some days ago, and now suddenly its 9. To tell you the truth, now that the date of making my decisions is coming closer, DANCER!! I AM PETRIFIED!! I can't believe the rose tinted dream is ending now, and I will have to finally go through the ordeal of sitting and taking stock of things.

Dancer, let's go shopping some day. I miss our trips to Citywalk, and the Kathi rolls. I really do miss the adrak wali chai. And though I apparently stay at your place twice a week, i stil havnt had the chance to sit and chill in your garden. These things matter to me. Your house, well of course it is A JUNGLE, but its more of an exotic retreat. Away from the Chandra Khandan ka kahar, away from the loud television and che che all the time. Peace is what I find at your place. And of course it has been so so freaking long that we played wands and swords!! Last time, your sister was so not in the mood for it and hence had ended up buying furniture.

Sigh. At a lot of things in life.

Are dancer, tum shaadi kar lo! honestly.. accha idea nahi hai?

PS: You are crazy!

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