Friday, April 10, 2009

Struggling to lose weight anyone??? Join the club!

So the days of 100 crunches are over!

Now I can barely do 50. That is half of what it used to be. That's what no-dancing-sitting-at-home does to you. Well I have final my exams so there is no other option. But whats with these increasing kilos?

Hello body fat! Its not a competition of who can get fuller faster. So do you mind staying off?

And the increasing waistline. What are we going to do about that?

Well I will tell you a few things I have tried which might work for you but for me they have failed miserably. And the reason is all the good food in the world. The kebabs, the pastas, the Mughlai Murg, the Rogan josh, the Tandoori Roti, the street food, Chinese... I have to stop!!! STOP! Right now. And oh by the way the biggest enemy...that pack of instant 2 minute noodles lying in your kitchen.

Okay so the cereal diet. The advertisement says 2 bowls, 2 weeks, 2 kilos! You can have one normal meal and two times you have to eat cereal. Well it worked the first day. But the second day my one normal meal comprised of a three course dinner at a famous kebab joint. Well what the hell! One day doesn't matter all that much (oh it does!!). But the next day the cereal box was empty because my sister likes to eat cereal as snack, without milk as a crunchy snack!!!

And oh then there was the only fruit diet. Well that requires one hell of a willpower and as I might have hinted earlier, I seriously lack it. But at least now I eat two fruits per day. Mom says that it helps in fat reduction. And so does nimbu paani without sugar!

Then there was Yoga. Well what the hell, lets watch TV! I need to sweat and yoga doesn't work. Nope it doesn't. It does if you do it regularly and I so can't. Its too boring.

Then there was lets-dance-for-one-hour-each-day plan. Well its hard to do it alone. And harder when you don't have a lot of space. And each time i try, I feel guilty for not studying. Why don't I feel guilty while watching TV is something I still need to figure out.

Now I try to help mom with the household chores. I actually get up to fill water bottles. Tip: Voluntarily get up each time someone asks for help. That means more movement and less time on the couch. And also you can walk while you read. That should help!

Jogging? Well i am still trying and it might just work. Along with the crunches which shall increase. Very soon!


deluded said...

that is definitely tryable.

but but but, eating good food is so much better, and not fuzzy.

Iti said...

Oh.....I wanted to know it '2 bowls, 2 weeks, 2 kilos' really works.

Courageous you! I shudder at the thought of so much effort.

not intellectual enough said...