Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I dont know what to call this one!!! Good ideas for a heading are welcome!

Its like I'm stuck in the middle of the ocean and I have no clue where i want to go. Its not that I can't see land, its just that I don't know which landmass i want to go to. What if i reach Land A and realise that Land B was what I actually wanted? I really don't know where this life is going, or where this blog post is going!!!

The costume crisis is just not getting over. Tailor auntie refuses to meet deadlines. We have to perform in the same old shit in IP. And there goes the dream of oh-new-songs-and-new-costume and the 'grand comeback'. Technically I shouldn't care because well I am going to pass out of college in some time. But seriously I prefer thinking of these problems than those which I'll be facing when I am out of college.

Its my sister's birthday today and she is in that stupid hostel of her boarding school. She is coming back on the 13Th. We have stuff planned out for her but its execution is a little... well... I guess more work. Mom Dad are going to pick her up. They leave tomorrow for grandad's place and return on the 13Th with her. Now that means I live alone for two whole days. And I am not even excited. I planned the daru party with Enigma people but now I think I will just cancel it. I haven't called anyone to stay over. I am just too...bleh!

My room is a mess. My mom doesn't enter it anymore because she is scared something unwanted will bite her. I want to clean it and I want to organize my cupboard, but i can't find the time to do it. And i really NEED to clean my desk. But well I guess that's not really happening anytime soon.

I cannot find my pink shades. Just like I can't find where my life is going.

Ajeeb Insaan called to tell me how hot the sound system of his stupid fest is. As if that's all I needed to know in my life. When will he realise that I visit bigger and better fests like practically every alternate day?? I guess it was the feeling of accomplishment for him which he wanted to share or maybe it was a way of showing off. Actually I don't want to really bother myself with his thoughts right now.

Dude Who the fuck is going to replace me as the head of Enigma?? Kaun hoga wo?? Well I guess not the right time to think about that either. I love being the president and I don't really want to give that to someone else. Yeah yeah I need to move on and all that crap but hello... I don't want to means I don't want to, irrespective of what I HAVE to!!

My Things to Do list keeps increasing in size. I delegated the first one to juniors and now I have a newer and a longer list ready.

I think I need a vacation. To some place like Hawaii or something. But guess what?? I don't have the time to get that stupid passport form. I think I can do with Goa. Beaches, Hot guys, sunshine, shorts, swimsuits, Hot guys, water sports, luxurious resorts, Hot guys, HOT GUYS, good food, a lot of free time, books that i want to read and not the ones that I have to read, Hot guys.... Oh and yeah Hot guys!!!

But all I get is Delhi and so much work and the memories of an ex boyfriend to bother me and a lot of books to study and a messy room and an even messier life.


deluded said...


not intellectual enough said...


Twisted Elegance.... said...

Yeah Yeah...

Crizzie Criz! said...

Love's labors lost...

Is that a heading? But seriously, me thinks things arent that bad. It just seems like so.

not intellectual enough said...

Okay by far i havent found the corerct title.... U guys think a little more na!!

'Yeah Yeah' is the closest from the options u gave me!

deluded said...

how about 'not smart enough?'


too subtle?

«« hAdez »» said...


I donno y nobdy has ever told you what ur problm is. its ur HEAD. Shut it down asap! n u ll c the 'Goa'

..and of course... hot guys! :P

not intellectual enough said...

U know what your problem is?? U think u are too smart. So why dont u just get lost and stop commenting on my so called problematic blogs.

And yeah btw u find all this amusing because either u are dumb, or u have no life to experience all this or u are just a big fake!!

Harsh??? :)
oops did i say apologies fr being rude??

«« hAdez »» said...

see... you are not sure of even who i am :) you are so confused.
...and you just can't accept that solution to your BIIIIIG problem(s) can b so simple. Can you ? ;D

not intellectual enough said...

Well I am sure of one thing that I haven' asked YOU for an advice on how to solve my problems. And abt me not being sure of who u are or who i am or who whoever is, will you please let me survive in my 'confused' world without you commenting left right and centre. You dont even know me to call my problems anything or to even suggest the simplicity of their answers.

I am happy being confused if you really think thats what my 'problem' is. Just like I am happy being 'predictable'. So will you stop being stuck up on that?

«« hAdez »» said...

...and wrong again.


not intellectual enough said...

telling u off can never be wrong! who are u to decide whats right and wrong anyway?