Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just for You!

Go on.
Victimize yourself.

There are those people who are brilliant at too many things and they have to take a pick as to what they need to explore till forever. To me it seems like you have taken your pick too. Self Victimization.

You talk of unfulfilled obligations and what not, when if you open your eyes you will see that the only debt you talk of is yours. To yourself.

Petty annoyances can be dealt with. But did you even try? You sat in one corner, in your superlative voice trying to justify all your doings while the world accepted you. You then hated the world for its eccentricities when clearly your own are far too many.

You speak of honesty as a virtue. But only when it is convenient to you.

You say the world is unfair. Maybe you need to take off those ugly smelly curtains that you use instead of eyelids and see what is the reality.

What do you know about anyone? 
When I spoke of my insecurities, instead of making it simpler, you chose to make it worse. In fact you made it about yourself. It always has to be about you. But can't you see? It always is. And it always has been. But you don't want that kind of attention. You only want what you cannot have. You want to be treated badly. You want to be man handled. Because you chose Self victimization as your forte.

Drama Queen is a word of too many shades. 

PS: Thank God I am Average. At least I am happy and content. 
Turn around. Do you see a friend??

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deluded said...

dont let someone rain on the sunshine girl!