Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Urvashi, You are ungi jaisi dubli! :*

Agar ladki ko andhere mein,
Aankh maari to hoga kya?
Agar aazadi na ho toh,
Swarg milne se hoga kya?

Class mein fikar nahi hi toh,
waha padhne se hoga kya
Bees ki umar ka jo hai khel,
sath mein khel ke hoga kya?

Lesson of life?? I think so!
I love this.
Apart from everything else, the lyrics rock!
Just watch and you would know what I am talking about.

And then just listen. Without the video.


silly billy:) said...

Awesome song no! A.R.Rahman had it in him since the very beginning..

Anukriti Khare said...

I swear man!!

«« hAdez »» said...

Its actually figure not fikar ! Makes a lot of sense this way ;)

Class mein figure nahi ho toh,
waha padhne se hoga kya !

Anukriti Khare said...

ha ha ha !!! Yeah that makes more sense....