Thursday, December 22, 2011


There is family, there are friends.

And then there are you guys.
And you guys definitely make it in the priority list...

I am quoting my best friend because I miss her like crazy. I miss us as a group. But her, I don't even know where to begin...

Dear Best Friend,

The Delhi Winters are just not the same without you. They are not as colourful as they are supposed to be.

I remember how you would just sway every morning to college in your bright coloured muffler and multi colored socks. How we would just sit and talk all day long and muffins were all that we needed.

I want you to call me right now and force me to bunk work for some experimental paharganj like exploration.

There is so much Delhi left to be seen with you. There is so much life left to be seen with you.
There are too many memories to be created and too many to be cherished.
Too many gossips and too many realizations.

Come home. Soon.

And since I have decided to quote you, look what I found...

A hundred interpretations later, a hundred auto rides later, a hundred (apparent) shared rajma chawal meals later, a hundred messy realisations later, a thousand broke days later, a hundred money oweing escapades later, a hundred cute, happy fetishes later, a hundred tears over significant and insignificant issues later, a hundred missed classes later, a hundred bollywood trivia questions, a hundred unsaid things later, a hundred, rude but not so much, situations later, 2 boyfriends later, many friends, a hundred acquaintances later, a hundred differences but a million weird similarities later....

we have become best friends in all senses. Needless to say I cant live without her, what I don’t have she completes for me and vice versa. We’ve moved past the getting to know each other phase, we’ve moved past the formality phase, we’ve lived through pretty much everything.

If it wasn't for you, I would never be who I am today.


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