Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Rant: The first of it's own Kind

Remember This?

Well, for an entire week now, the universe has taken up the job with the KRA to prove me wrong. No seriously. Somewhere some crazy unacknowledged force is out there getting back on the world by tormenting the happiest winter person alive (me!).

Trust me it is so bad that someone like me has started blaming her astrological stars for the way things are turning out and the way they are completely (and violently) attacking my joy.

So it starts with a very simple off day when I drag my boyfriend to buy shoes using my parents' money. Sounds awesome? It did to me. But who knew what was going to follow. A week full of misery. Misery Misery Misery.

First to strike was the still-hurting-my-foot shoe bite. It was this huge, humongous, hurtful blotch on the back of my right ankle. Blotch by the way is just the way it looked. Wounded as I was physically, this shoe bite is the reason why I cannot wear a single pair of the two new set of pretty shoes I bought that day.

To make matters worse, the only time I wore one of them, despite being from an oh-so-expensive-apparently-trustworthy brand, the Velcro came off and the design tore. I mean all that pain for what?

Anyhoo, the shoes were returned. They are being sent to the company and I shall have another pair in a week. Meanwhile the shoe bite (yes it still exists, and itches) continues to annoy me day in and out.


The mysterious force was not done yet.

Two days later, boyfriend makes me wait for three hours in a Gurgaon mall and taking advantage of the location, I decide to pamper myself. So I go to this hot looking salon. I take off my rings before I get the oh-so-bloody-expensive-but-I-deserve-it manicure.

Capricorn Boy and I leave for home and some one hour later I realize that I have forgotten to wear my rings post my manicure. Since the salon was new for me and they did not do a great job, I hadn't taken their phone number. Distress. Oh life! (For information, I wear an old ruby encrusted gold ring and a pearl silver ring, which are freakishly expensive!)

Next day I drive all the way to bloody Haryana land to find my rings. Capricorn Boy (the awesome-ness that he is) lets me ride his scooty (yes that's what I have access to) till the campus gate and I very nicely park it there as we continue our quest to retrieve my rings in my car (wanted to be in the same vehicle hello!).

Two hours of driving and fretting later, as we reach the godforsaken mall, I look for my phone (an 8 effin mega pixel camera, fantastic touchscreen) only to realize that I have left it in the scooty.

And that too in the front compartment that is open (to prying eyes).

This is even before the rings have been retrieved.

To cut a long story short, several calls to the guards on duty and the phone was retrieved half an hour later. Also a small fight with the salon receptionist and the rings were restored to their former glory.

Phew. Relief!
Or was it??

The mysterious force, the very next day decides to culminate the entire revenge (of i don't know what) in one sweet and swift Swish..

On the metro station (Gurgaon yet once more. Probably jinxed one would assume...), nature calls and I have no option but to use the Public Washroom. The Indian style loo looked more hygenic and clean. The decision is made.

The loo door does not have a latch. There is no way to hold the door.

This cannot be said in any other manner.
My phone, yes the same 8 mega pixel awesome touchscreen phone, slips from my hand into the pot. Into The Pot!!!
And since it is an Indian loo, it goes straight into the drain.

Just like that.
Not to return ever.
Just like Time.
Just like broken glass.
Just like fallen rain.
It just went.

I stood there, still holding the door, and not being able to comprehend.

I called for help but no safaiwala could reach it. The long wooden cleaning device was also of no avail.

I could hear the crazy, sadistic mysterious force laughing the devil's laugh. It stood there in it's secret hiding place, omnipresent in it's pursuit and it just pointed at me and laughed it's guts out.

I finally gave up all hope of getting my precious phone back. I finally left that wretched loo. I cursed and I cursed but what good could that do to the pre-written destiny.

Today is a new day. With a beaten down old Samsung and a horrible network connection. With a fancy coat but also with old and worn to shreds floaters rejected by my sister (shoebite remember?).

It is a new day.

I hope the forces of universe are finally in deep slumber, enjoying the weather with their victory....

I so Hope with all my heart.

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