Sunday, November 13, 2011

So here I am.
At this junction once more. I don't know which road to take. I am headstrong but weak in my knees. I am smart and yet I am foolish enough to be standing here again. I am confident but also adequately shy to admit that.

I know I took a lot of turns. Not wrong turns but just turns.

And as it turns out that now it is the time to take the right decision. The correct path needs to be chosen right now. I don't know enough about this journey. I don't even know about the thorns on my way.

What I do know is that I need to Not lose hope.

So I am trying what one of my best friends very aptly suggested,

Dear Universe,

I know you are taking care of me. Looking out for my happiness. And I have always trusted that you will be there for me when the road is way more twisted than ever before.
This time I cannot decide for my own. I am willing to melt the hang-ups in my head. I am willing to let go of apprehensions.

Please give me strength enough to accept the decision that you put in front of me. Please let me hear my instincts and let me do what my heart really desires. Let me be right this time. Let the road be bend-free once more.

Dear Universe, let this time bear fruitful happiness. Let this second count. Let my life be full of greatness and let my joys be absolutely complete.



Piyush Nandanwar said...

impressive and expressive too...loved it

Anukriti Khare said...

Thanks :) glad you liked it!