Thursday, September 22, 2011

2010, I don't hate you...

Just realized that I had not written a word here in 2010.

I wonder why?

I think it was the whole I-will-be-an-entrepreneur phase.

I think it was also the I-am-creatively-and-emotionally-satisfied phase.

But that should never have meant that I stop writing. Nothing in this world should hamper expression. What we wish to express must always be let out, must always be said.

And there has to always be a clear demarcation between fantasy and reality. Very similar to what me and Best Fraaand discussed. Mix the two and we will be in soup. And that too clear soup where everything is visible.

Fantastic elements of my mind may never be understood by another mind. Because every mind is too caught up in it's own respective imagery. And why probe judgement when you can avoid one? It is always better to simplify things. That is the rule of nature. Complications are always unnecessary. And they hardly bear fruit.


Gladiator sandals are comfortable and trendy.

Dupattas are HOT. Especially bling ones.


Miss Sheikh Chilli said...

yes I like bandhini ones too

Anukriti Khare said...

They are so cool. They go with everything!