Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A mud pit is The Best place... for it is so much fun!

Arey abhi to hum chhotey bachche the???

Then what happened?

I don't know. What happened to You? I am the same. I laugh, I cry, I love and I hate with the same intensity as that of a child. Only now I don't go out to play kho-kho or chain in the evening. But that's purely because there is no one to play with. Everyone else is not caught up in a time warp like me and everyone has moved on. Most of them have bothered to grow up as well.

I wonder why though.

I love my time warp. Or I should say Time Wrap. You see it envelops me and warms me and keeps the cold out and helps me to not fall sick. It is what my mum tucks me into at night when its cold and alone. It is what I use to cover myself when cough has settled in my chest.

Abhi kya hua na...that I lost all sense of being a strong person. I lost all my super awesome confidence. I became sad. But my Time Wrap put me off to sleep. It gave me pretty dreams of days I cherish. it reminded me that there will be lots more. So if today I did not understand anything in my accountancy class, it is OK because tomorrow there is a double period. It explained that I may get too bored tomorrow and not make an effort to understand but then there will be another day, and the day after that, till final exams arrive and I will study through nights and will finally pass. Maybe with flying colors.

It reminded me that I don't wake up everyday Just for an accountancy class. It is Important, very important, and I know that. I know I will have to one day pick up my books and study very hard in order to get through. But it still is not the whole essence of my being. Not my entire day's worth. No it isn't. It is merely a paper I have to clear..

It made me dream about those who love me and believe in me.

And then I woke up, hugged my wrap and wanted to sleep again. But there was a long email waiting to be answered. An old friend waiting for lunch. A chore that needs me to finish it before I do the others. Some food to be eaten and some songs to dance on...

...a lot of mud to be played with and to be enjoyed. Lots of dirty fingernails, and a lot of light on my face.


nehum said...

the time wrap is only thing that's ours....truly and solely.... keep feeling its never changes.....

Anukriti Khare said...

I agree. You and me...we thrive because of it!