Friday, December 18, 2009

the Latest...

Old Songs are ....BEAUTIFUL!!

I miss Best Fraaand.

I miss dancing too...

Capricorn boy is as elusive as ever. But I am getting used to him.

The first boyfriend shows a LOT of interest these days. But I just ignore him and snub him in all the creative ways possible.

Ajeeb Insaan has apparently found a new girl. God bless her. Hopefully the poor thing will fare better than me. Or maybe she will teach him a lesson. Whatsoever that might be, I genuinely feel happy for them.

I attended class today.

I also went to a marketing meeting yesterday. It was awesome how cool that senior marketing executive was. Witty, smart, manipulative. He had me zapped out of words twice. And that doesn't happen often. He has my respect.

Capricorn boy.... He is just the right person to be with these days. This thing between us is perfect. * touch wood*
And what makes it better is the warmth. The way I am so comfortable with him. Its always like it was meant to be.

I miss Froggy and Pugsie.

I am going to hometown for 10 days. Reunion of sorts where extended family from all over the world is coming together. It will be nice...oh who am I kidding? It will be torturous.


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