Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Okay first thing first.
Capricorn boy...Awwwwwwww!!! No super duper awwwwwwww!!
Why? Because of the things he unknowingly does.

I promised myself that this blog will not become the living evidence of me gushing over my new found love but... You see its impossible not to.

But i shall still try...

Yesterday was Maggie's birthday. We spent the whole day acting (and getting) drunk. And the last minute hurry to hide the vodka quarter led to hiding of her smokes in my bag. Well it was discovered well before any harm that it could have caused. I can't imagine my mom's plight if she would have seen them in my bag. Anyway the day was Crazy. The variety of emotions continue to amuse me. Hopefully a better insight will be written by Maggie soon. And i promise to add it here when she does.

But what was better was the end to the day. I don't know if too much alcohol caused it or whatever, but I was just not getting any sleep. While desperately trying to find my lost sleep, I sent one message to Capricorn boy about something very random. And i wasn't even expecting a reply. I knew he was tired.
But, but, but...
....the unexpected!
Small things always always make me absolutely cheerful. The blushing ability proves its existence to me time and again because of these Small things.

To you-
You make me happy. Each time I talk to you i realise how important you are to me. Please don't fret about where this is going. But for once just let it go. Let it reach that place for which it started in the first place. Lets just not care and walk together, hand in hand. I don't mind if the sides we tread are different, as long as we are connected by our hands. You pave your road while i will find mine. All I am saying is that lets just remember each other when we do it...

Today was nothing great. I woke up at noon. Saw Chicago on TV (excellent movie by all means). And that's about it. The day dreams however were different. Small little instances replaced over-the-top-Bollywood-like things.

Moreover, the best-est part is that i am not obsessed with all of 'this'. Not even expectant. There are no days (yet) of 'I can't stop thinking about him'. I think that's because of the way Capricorn boy is and i give him that credit.

Oho this blog IS turning into a gushing site!!
Next post- about something else...if I can help it.

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Swayam said...

its beautiful to be in love... all when I am caught in the same situation... hehe... life always works out well in the end... stay happy...