Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lyrical Jazz!

Today I discovered what being beautiful feels like. Lyrical Jazz taught me. It is the most wonderful, the most graceful, the most expressive dance form that I have ever experienced. I felt so beautiful doing it. There were trained people around me who were technically better but I had no eye for them in the huge mirror we were dancing in front of. Each move, each extension, each turn....everything just felt so...peaceful. It was like meditating. Every time the music would play, my body would move without me controlling it.

Off course learning the steps took a lot time and they were very tough. But the expression that I could portray through them, I have never felt anything like it before. 

I understood once more why I love dancing so much. And today I felt gorgeous. I didn't care about my extra inches. Didn't care about the who was watching. No inhibitions. I was in a trance. 

I thought I knew all about Jazz. But this form is so much more than Jazz. Its about reaching yourself. Its about feeling a certain emotion. Its about alienating the world and immersing yourself in music. Its about giving in.

I want to learn more. I will learn more. I will start from the basics and will make myself technically sound as well. I want to look even more beautiful. Much more than what I felt today. "I could have danced all night." My body was tired and my feet were blistered but I didn't care. I wanted to keep doing it. I wanted to go on. I was actually upset when the class got over. 

I love life once more. Much more than I did a few hours back. So much more. 

Lyrical Jazz.... You are more lyrical than your name. So graceful and so expressive!

PS- Happy Birthday pugsie. I Love You!!! Mwaaaaaah!

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deluded said...


you make it sound out-of-this-world-like.


dance more then!
go enjoy.