Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ajeeb Insaan!

Its crazy...this life. Six months back i was a happy girl, completely over her ex, busy with friends and fun. And now i am dating my ex (again). people sometimes repeat mistakes and learn eventually but i can never learn. I dont even know if this is a mistake at all. Ajeeb insaan has changed so much. The biggest possible reason is that he lives right here in noida now. But cummon! Nobody i know has changed this much ever. And he chose the right time to change...exactly when i stopped believing that people change. Too much 'change'??? Well imagine i am living it! Either it is absolutely fake or god has been really kind. Also i give myself a lot of credit because i have understood what it takes to not be the'possessive' kinds! I have understood that the only way to deal with this guy is to let him be. And thats exactly what i do these days. I personally do not use my boyfriend as a 'let out', like most of the girls do. I am very self sufficient that way (throwing things, crying loudly, pulling hairstrands etc)...

Anyway, I am very happy. Its amazing how a no sex relationship can be so much fun (trust me!). I guess everybody reaches that point in life where other things do become more important than just dealing with your horny self(cant believe i am saying that).

Ajeeb insaan still as enigmatic and mysterious as ever and i still dont understand the reason for a lot of things he does. But the difference now is that i have stopped crying over these weird things.